An Introduction to NVSTly: Understanding the User Interfaces

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Welcome to NVSTly, the premier social trading platform where you can follow, learn from, and interact with top traders in real-time. Whether you’re new to trading or an experienced investor, NVSTly provides a suite of tools to enhance your trading journey. Here’s an in-depth look at what NVSTly offers:

Trades Feed

The Trades Feed is the heartbeat of NVSTly, showcasing all trades submitted by traders. Trades are displayed in real-time for premium users and with a 15-minute delay for free users. Each time a trade is opened, averaged, trimmed/partially closed, or exited, it gets refreshed to the top of this list.

Each trade entry displays:

  • The trader’s name
  • Ticker being traded (with direction: long/short)
  • Options data (if applicable)
  • Current status
  • Opening price
  • Profit/loss statistics

Trade Row

You can expand each row to view any notes from the trader. Additionally, users can give +Rep or leave comments directly on these trade rows.


Submitting a New Trade

The New Trade interface is designed for submitting trades and modifying existing positions. This interface is your gateway to opening new trades, while the Active Positions tab lets you average, trim, partially close, or exit your open positions.

For a detailed guide, see Submit Trades.

New Trade UI

Help Tip: Did you know you can auto-share your trades directly to Discord using webhooks and custom messages? Check out Discord Trade Sharing for more info. Support for X (previously Twitter) is coming back soon!


Active Positions

The Active Positions tab is your tool for updating trades. Here, you can:

  • Average up/down
  • Trim positions
  • Close trades
  • Add standalone notes to any open position

Help Tip: Adding or modifying TP/SL is done through the Trade Insight UI.

Active Positions


Push Notifications

Stay updated with NVSTly’s push notifications. You can enable or disable notifications for:

  • Trades (customize for each trader you follow)
  • New followers
  • Reputation received
  • Social mentions (coming soon)

Customize these settings in your Account Settings under the Notifications section.

Customize Notifications for Each Trader


Trade Insight

Each trade has an individual interface displaying detailed data, including:

  • Position updates
  • TP/SL changes
  • Trader notes and media uploads
  • Ticker data
  • POV Charts, offering a trader’s perspective on chart trends and patterns

Access Trade Insight by clicking trade info on the Trades feed, trader Dashboards, or Ticker Info.

Trade Insight Interface (comments section coming soon)

Help Tip: You can update positions and modify your TP/SL directly from this interface.

POV Charts

POV Charts provide a unique perspective on trade events by marking respective candlesticks on the chart. This feature grants viewers valuable insights into the trader’s observations of trends and patterns at each action point.

POV Charts show the candles when a trader has entered, averaged, trimmed, or closed



The Leaderboards rank the top traders across all markets based on a scoring system that includes:

  • Total number of closed trades
  • Win rate
  • Average return

Traders need a minimum of seven trades for ranking eligibility.

Leaderboard Rankings

Help Tip: The ranking formula may change to ensure fairness across different trading types.

Server-Only Leaderboards

Discord servers have their own leaderboards, ranking traders within their community. These leaderboards require traders to have a minimum of seven trades (for timeframes above Past Day).

Help Tip: Access server-only leaderboards using:

  • https://trd.ng/ranks?guild=server-id-here
  • https://nvstly.com/ranks?guild=server-id-here



A trader’s Dashboard is a blend of their social profile and portfolio, displaying:

  • Latest trades
  • Trading performance stats
  • General info (join date, badges, reputation, bio)


Dashboard stats reflect all closed trades over the past 30 days by default, with options to filter by different time ranges.

First Set of Performance Stats

Help Tip: Stats cannot be reset. We plan to add a feature for annual stat resets, with historical archives remaining publicly available.


+Rep is our community karma system, similar to likes or upvotes. It’s a key stat for identifying top traders and active users.

Help Tip: You can only +Rep another trader once per day to prevent abuse.


Badges distinguish traders by their achievements and roles, such as:

  • Top Trader Top Trader
  • High Win Rate High Win Rate
  • Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4 Tier 1-4 (Discord contributions)
  • OG OG
  • Elite Analyst ELITE Analyst 
  • Analyst Analyst
  • Developer Developer
  • Staff Staff
  • Founder Founder 



In Account Settings, you can configure:

  • Dashboard info
  • Social media links
  • Account and membership management
  • Notification preferences

Download Data

Download all your trade data and performance stats in .csv or spreadsheet format using this feature.


Ticker Info

Market Data Suite & Ticker Info user interfaces still under development

Each stock and cryptocurrency ticker has its own interactive interface with:

  • Charts
  • Statistical data
  • Analytic graphs
  • News
  • Latest trades

Access Ticker Info by clicking a ticker symbol anywhere in the app or using the top navbar search function.

Help Tip: Coming soon: Add tickers to your watchlists or set alerts.


This blog post aims to provide a comprehensive overview of NVSTly’s features, making it easier for users to understand and utilize the platform effectively.


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