Auto Closing Expired Options

by rich • Mar 17, 2022 • 244

You may have noticed your stats have horribly degraded, but please don't be alarmed and finish reading.

Today we have just implemented a function that automatically closes your open options trades when they have expired. This closed all your open expired options and therefore affecting your stats, and for some it was drastic. Now that this feature has been implemented we are now focusing on a function that will allow you to set a Take Profit and Stop Loss, which will automatically close your trades when they are hit. We have some ideas on how we want to do this, one of them that will prompt you with a button each time you input a options trade then disappear after 30 seconds, along with another method to set or change them. We always try to make features & functions official when we first roll them out so not to confuse anyone if they need changing- we're listening to the users to gather info on how they would like to set or change their TP/SL to implement this in a way that won't need any changing after being rolled out.

You may have already known this was coming if you've read any of the latest changelogs under the What's To Come section of them. If you would also like to give your feedback or suggestions on how this feature should function and be used, please reach out to us either in our Discord support server or by email [email protected]

Normally we wouldn't post an update like this unless its vital or impacts you directly in a big way, and we feel this one has to the majority of users. We'll be adding a command to the bot that will allow you to opt out of update notifications, we're also still considering other methods on how those notifications will be sent.

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