BETA v0.10 Changelog

by rich • Feb 16, 2022 • 29

The blog is officially here and functioning! I also went ahead and uploaded previous announcements of changelogs from the first changelog release. BETA v0.10 comes with more cosmetic changes to the website and some minor fixes. More importantly, we're happy to announce that Newman has offered to contribute his experience as a developer to help implement some changes that will allow more flexibility when inputting plays such as mis-placing the ticker, exp. date, or strike price around as well as using different triggers to open, trim, and close trades.


We're working on 4 major features that are essential to announcing and rolling out version 1 and concluding beta. You can find the changes, fixes, and what's to come below in the latest v0.10 changelog.


News and Updates

Added Features:

Blog is now finished and will be used for all announcements, updates, and version release changelogs in full. You will notice other useful categories we plan on putting to use, allowing analysts and respected members of the community to contribute analysis and educational content.



Cosmetic Changes

-Links get darker when hovered over
-Trade Hub (next to logo) redirects to home page
-Added button for blog on toolbar
-Changed up hot stocks; Shorter height, smoother motion, runs full width of page


"Share Link" icon on dashboards has been fixed, was not copying link for some browsers.


Removed all extra decimals for prices shown on Trades page and within notes as well on Dashboards. This was being caused by the use of CMP or M function when inputting plays. 

What's to come:

Finish Stripe payment handling for PRO/PRO+ membership subscriptions.

Partial/trim calculations will be changed to get the average of total trims/partials, then applying that to the overall gain percentage.

Ability to set "Take Profit" & "Stop Loss".

Auto closing expired options plays.

Allowing different input formats- this will log plays that have been input than our current format such as mis-placing ticker, exp. date, or strike price as well as allowing triggers souch as just bought (as BTO), sold (as STC), and using trim (part/scal) as a trigger as well instead of as syntax at end of input.
    This will also fix the #1 issue for the bots "Invalid Price" reply due to not having a space between @ and the price.

Announcements via bot - The bot will let you know any time there is an announcement, update, or scheduled down time. It will give you this info the first time you run a command or input a trade- and to prevent spam it will only do this once.


Final Notes:

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    CashApp: $TradeHub
    Crypto: Contact us if you'd like to donate a different coin/token [email protected]
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             BEP20: 0x13ef41d97372cdba6d3ac514b30b423552ee34ba

Please reach out if you have any suggestions. [email protected]
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