BETA v0.12 Changelog

by rich • Mar 14, 2022 • 56

Most of you may have been directed here from the bot's message informing about a new update, this is a newly implemented feature to inform users when a new version have been released and you'll find all the added features & changes within these types of blog posts. The bot will only alert you once each time there is a new update release to avoid spam, we understand some of you are analysts that use this bot to prove your trades & track your stats and these update messages can clutter your alert channels- that is not our intentions. We have considered direct messages but didn't feel that was the right method, if you have any suggestions on how you would like to receive this notification please reach out to us as your opinion matters! In the meantime we will work on adding a command that will allow you to disable this new update notifcation. To provide suggestions or feedback about the new update notification, please email us [email protected] or let us know in our Discord support server.

The last update we revamped the partial/trim functionality to better calculate the profit/loss of your trades and calculate it towards your average gain stat more accurately. We're now in the works of auto closing expired options plays and the ability to set take profits & stop losses. After, we'll be excited to announce a version 1.0 release date! We'll allow appropriate time and notification to all users so they may download their trade data and stats, as they will all be reset when v1.0 is launched- the reset will be essential to reflect 99% accurate stats now that partials/trims are calculated accordingly, and the ability to auto close expired options or to stop them out when your SL is hit.


News and Updates

Added Features:

Bot replies with the latest blog post from the Updates category the first time a command is used or a trade is entered. It will only send you 1 notification to prevent unwanted spam.



Fixed unexpected downtime that was consistently happening around the time of market open- tweaked how ticker quotes/profiles are fetched from the API in order to attempt to fix downtimes. We're waiting on custom API endpoints from our data provider that will also speed up bot reaction and web page load times. (See 'Final Notes' below on how you can help)

Stats embed- $stats & u.trhub.net/username now shows your reputation & follower count

Trade view page- (I.e https://thetradehub.net/trade?L0H09T0S) now shows all the correct data and inputs of a position to show the entirety of individual trades. Entry's, average's, partials/trims, exits, and their associated notes are all shown. To see these pages simply click on the trade data that follows the ticker on the Trades page or users Dashboard's- clicking on the ticker will direct you to a page that shows data for that specific ticker and it's recent trades. (We're also working on showing the profit/loss value, and will be implementing more stats with graph displays in the future.)


On Our Side:

Blog views counter- not yet displayed.


Known Issues:

When bot is slow to reply back with your trade confirmation, some trades are not being logged. We're looking more into this, and assume it's from increased user activity which will be handled better with a better hosting provider that we plan on switching to before the release of version 1.


What's to come:

Ability to set Take Profit & Stop Loss, and change them at any time before expiration.

Auto closing expired options plays.

Allowing different input formats- this will log plays that have used a different input than our current format such as misplacing ticker, exp. date, or strike price as well as allowing triggers such as just bought (for BTO), sold (for STC), and using trim (part/scal) as a trigger as well instead of as a syntax at end of input.
    This will also fix the #1 issue for the bots "Invalid Price" reply due to not having a space between @ and the price.

TradingView charting integration for our stock pages. (Stock page I.e. https://thetradehub.net/stock?TSLA)


Final Notes:

We feel great satisfaction with the increase in user activity, our whole team has that gratifying feeling when someone enjoys using what you've created- like a chef would when patrons enjoy his cooked meals. With this increase in activity it also brings more strain on our resources- unfortnately, data is limited and not free. This trade sharing app will always remain free, but we'd like to kindly ask if you would considering supporting us and help keep this app operational. We have plans to switch to a much faster data provider that will eliminate the unexpected downtimes you have likely been experiencing the last couple weeks. You can support us in many ways, becoming a PRO member is the best way to support us and receiving extra perks in exchange- we'd also humbly accept any donations and be sure to leave your email in the notes or contact us with your donation invoice to receive a membership promo code. We appreciate all of you!

    PayPal: [email protected] OR PayPal Donate
    CashApp: $TradeHub
    Crypto: Contact us if you'd like to donate a different coin/token [email protected]
        Bitcoin: 3N6b5MNFutgENwDQZxHN5SRXDDLMNEXkfV
        Ethereum: 0xb187C3b82FCd31947f9f85a4AE48f732a035Aa3c
        Litecoin: MTpTt6EQw2xi93J59Aj3FpZwdoHxUEWAAT
        USDT Addresses: 
             TRC20: THgJL72cJp75YLQbCNN8WeCGiMjbgCaZYX
             ERC20: 0xcF6eb9159FDEF3e6163C61FfeCbfDE469dBEf9f6
             BEP20: 0x13ef41d97372cdba6d3ac514b30b423552ee34ba

Please reach out if you have any suggestions. [email protected]
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