BETA v0.6 Changelog

by rich • Jan 2, 2022 • 9


We were on a solid roll the first 5 weeks but with the holidays going on over the last 2 weeks it has slowed some things down here on the development side. With that behind us we're looking to push through the holiday fatigue and roll out some great feature additions in the coming weeks. Let's give some rep to Meow $rep meow and give him that motivation he needs to shake off the holiday chillin, and get back in our groove of doing things as we were.

Even though it was slow this last week we did manage to implement our new ranking system, and are close to finish rolling out community leaderboards for servers to rank amongst themselves. We have some pretty cool ideas that will gamify our platform for those looking for that extra competition, if you have any suggestions on what you'd like to personally see let us know! But there are big plans for 2022 and we're bringing on more developers to help us progress and deliver on our development plans.

If you want to buy Meow a pizza or a cold beer, here's his CashApp $itzthemeow - maybe that will light a fire under his ass.



News & Updates

We apologize for the lack of production in the last 2 weeks, the holidays have hindered us into implementing fixes and changes.


A new ranking system has been implemented making it more effective than before. At the time of this changelog, traders will still need a minimum of 7 trades as a requirement to be ranked on the leaderboard. Users are given points based on their total number of closed trades, win rate, and average. We will be making some tweaks that give a small fractional multiplier for stocks versus options plays as they are harder to earn higher gains.


On Our Side:

Some minor changes and small additions were added onto the website, but nothing that will grab the users attention.


Known issues:

The bot is not recognizing different expiration dates OR strike prices for the same ticker as individual separate trades, and is combining them into one. If you input a play for a ticker with an expiration date or strike price and have it open as you make another play with the same ticker but a different expiration date or strike price, it will think it's the same trade. We are working on a fix for this, but in the meantime, if you run into this issue, just stop in our Discord help channel and we can get that trade fixed for you.

Expiration dates that have expired are not being closed out automatically.


What's to come:

-Communitity leaderboards are almost finished.
-Ability to set take profits and stop losses that will auto close your play input when hit. This will roll out in further weeks ahead.


Final Notes:

    PayPal: [email protected] OR PayPal Donate
    CashApp: $TradeHub
    Crypto: Contact us if you'd like to donate a different coin/token [email protected]
        Bitcoin: 3N6b5MNFutgENwDQZxHN5SRXDDLMNEXkfV
        Ethereum: 0xb187C3b82FCd31947f9f85a4AE48f732a035Aa3c
        Litecoin: MTpTt6EQw2xi93J59Aj3FpZwdoHxUEWAAT
        USDT Addresses: 
             TRC20: THgJL72cJp75YLQbCNN8WeCGiMjbgCaZYX
             ERC20: 0xcF6eb9159FDEF3e6163C61FfeCbfDE469dBEf9f6
             BEP20: 0x13ef41d97372cdba6d3ac514b30b423552ee34ba

Please reach out if you have any suggestions. [email protected]
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