BETA v0.7 Changelog

by rich • Jan 9, 2022 • 10

Meow has pulled himself out of the winter break slump and put his fingers to work. We've implemented a handful of fixes with the bot and added a couple cool features with the "follow" button being enabled, allowing you to follow your favorite analyst, traders, or friends. But there is still more work to be done, including notifications from who you're following. We've also made it easier to +rep multiple traders using a single message. Check the changelog below for more details and all the latest updates.

We're working daily to progress this platform into becoming a beneficial source for all traders alike. We are in the works of putting together an exclusive team of highly experienced traders/analysts to offer premium alerts and services that won't be provided elsewhere. If you're an exceptional trader and have what it takes to provide signals, trading ideas, superb advice and educational content then get in touch with us- this is a compensated role.

We are also looking for developers who would like to contribute in helping with this large project, we have many great plans for development but are currently limited on manpower. If you're a JavaScript developer with some experience in TypeScript and would like to be apart of the development team and work on exciting projects, please reach out to us- we would be grateful to have you join us. Even if you're a new developer still learning and feel you're qualified enough to take this on and are eager to be apart of a project like this, don't hesitate to reach out.

If you haven't already, sign up with our platform at https://trhub.net/signup - See what traders are doing, input your own trades and flex your stats, follow your favorites and receive notifcations, become a reputable member by receiving/giving +rep, and so much more to come. To see what all we offer and what you can expect check out the features list.



News & Updates

Added Features:

Follow feature! We've enabled a "follow" button that has been hidden, you will now be able to follow your favorite analysts, traders, or friends. We are working on adding a following/follower count to trader dashboards and a display of all you follow. You won't be able to see who is following you, but if we receive enough feedback from the community who might want that feature then let us know. (Contact info below)

$rep command- You can rep multiple traders with a single message. When using @mention to rep just space out each username. If you use their TH username, they will need to be separated by commas. But when using both @mention & username, you will only need to separate just the usernames before/after @mentions with commas. Confusing, right? Here's an example of each method;
      @mention e.g; $rep @user1 @user2 @user3 ...
      username e.g; $rep user1, user2, user3 ...
      both      e.g; $rep @user @user2, user3, @user4




Options trades with the same ticker but different expiration dates or different strike price are now logging separately, the bot wasn't recognizing them as individual plays and combining/averaging them together.

Breakeven (0%) trades are no longer counted as losses towards your win rate. Although they do not effect your win ratio, they still effect your average gain.

Stats command will now show up to date after each given command. Discord caches images so previously it was showing old stats, but we implemented a work around to pull fresh stats. Unfortnately, this is not the case when using our short URL (u.trhub.net) and there is not an effective work around- this only applies to using it on Discord to see the embed image, it should work as intended on any other platform that does not cache images.

Hot stocks now reset to 0 at 12am EST.

Fixed an issue with ELITE analyst badge not showing up on stats embeds.


On Our Side:

Socket hang ups from our stock data API we're causing issues, added error handling so if there is ever an issue on their end it won't effect our side.


Known issues:

Trades with expiration dates are not being closed out automatically when expired.


What's To Come:

-Leaderboards - We know, we've been saying it since before the winter break and there is no excuse from us. We had a lending hand help us implement server/community leaderboards, but there is still nothing. We'll be assigning this to another developer if no update is provided within the next day.
-Rankings page toggle/filter buttons- allowing you sort ranks by day/week/month/all time.
-Partial/average system revamp. Before version 1 can be announced, we need to properly calculate trim/partial exits. Currently it's only using close out gains towards overall stats. These will be calculated into an average and then added to your overall average gain ratio.


Final Notes:

We hate web ads just as much as anyone else, especially the annoying pop up ones you need to click "X" on. We are holding off as long as possible until the time comes they will need to be added to help prepare this platform in becoming self sustainable in regards to operating costs- rest assured there will be no annoying pop up ads, we strive to provide a good experience to each user. As the userbase grows and our Discord bot continues to be added to hundreds of servers, it will need a better data package. We will be offering our affordable PRO subscription to users who want to support the platform and be awarded some extra perks. If you make a donation now, send us your receipt/invoice and we will apply the PRO membership to your account when it is rolled out.

    PayPal: [email protected] OR PayPal Donate
    CashApp: $TradeHub
    Crypto: Contact us if you'd like to donate a different coin/token [email protected]
        Bitcoin: 3N6b5MNFutgENwDQZxHN5SRXDDLMNEXkfV
        Ethereum: 0xb187C3b82FCd31947f9f85a4AE48f732a035Aa3c
        Litecoin: MTpTt6EQw2xi93J59Aj3FpZwdoHxUEWAAT
        USDT Addresses: 
             TRC20: THgJL72cJp75YLQbCNN8WeCGiMjbgCaZYX
             ERC20: 0xcF6eb9159FDEF3e6163C61FfeCbfDE469dBEf9f6
             BEP20: 0x13ef41d97372cdba6d3ac514b30b423552ee34ba

Please reach out if you have any suggestions. [email protected]
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