BETA v0.8 Changelog

by rich • Jan 24, 2022 • 7

Server leaderboards are here! We've been saying it for a few weeks and with some unexpected delays that we are deeply sorry about, they are now here. We'll be adding more to these and seeing what else we can be done with them, also allowing some easy code for you to embed them on your website for you server owners. You can also setup a "stealth redirect" with your domain.
To see server rankings, use https://trhub.net/leaderboard/[server_id] replacing [server_id] with your server ID.

We've also recently switched hosting providers after encountering frustrating network errors. You will notice bot response and web page load time are now significantly faster.

If you haven't already be sure to signup with our platform. 



News & Updates

BIG NEWS - This past week we switched hosting providers. We were encountering too much down time causing sub standard end user experience. Since this switch we have had no network issues.


Added Features:

Server leaderboards have been implemented. These leaderboards rank only the traders (who are signed up) within the specified server.
Using the link https://thetradehub.net/leaderboard/[server_id] replacing [server_id] with your server ID. (Right click the server icon, click "Copy ID". Need developer mode enabled) - We plan on doing more with this, and allowing some pre-written code for you to easily embed this onto your website if your a server owner or you can simply 'stealth redirect' a subdomain to these ranks.
                    (Can also use our short URL trhub.net as well)

Follow command- in the last changelog we announced being able to follow traders, which will allow for to manage push notifications in the future for those you follow. We've also just added a bot command that allows you to follow a trader from within Discord. Use $follow @user or $follow username replacing username with their Trade Hub username.



Toggle/filter buttons on trades page have been enabled. You can now sort trades from all users, traders you follow, or the top trades.


Known issues:

None that we know of.

IPO's take 24 hours to be added to our system, this is out of our control as our stock market data is provided by a third party.


What's to come:

-Partial/trim calculations will be changed to get the average of total trims/partials, then applying that to the overall gain percentage.
-Blog - we're working on a blog section for the website, which where these lame .txt changelogs will be published onto a nice HTML web page.
-Announcements via bot - The bot will let you know any time there is an announcement, update, or scheduled down time. It will give you this info the first time you run a command or input a trade- and to prevent spam it will only do this once.


Final Notes:

When the three features in the "What's to come" section above is when we will be announcing a date for the official version 1.0 release of this bot. There will still be more features added such as setting take profits and stop losses, and multi-leg options, but those will be released as revisions. With an official release, we will then start allowing users to signup for the PRO membership that will grant you access to extra perks. So stay tuned.

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