BETA v0.9 Changelog

by rich • Feb 7, 2022 • 15

We did a lot of cosmetic changes to the website and fixed some issues such as rankings page load time, prices with too many decimals, and scaled pages to fit different size screens. We added a few features on our side that will better help us assist with member support. One of these features sets us up to display individual trades and their stats- but since it's not being worked on or on the top of priority list we won't give any detail on it.

I'm personally excited for 1 feature that will be completed this week, our own blog. No more changelogs in a .txt file! It will also be integrated into the bot to update all members any time a new update or announcement has been posted. Analysts and trusted members will have access to write and contribute on the blog- guides, how to's, charting, analysis, any type of educational content.



News & Updates

Since the beginning we've wanted to add auto alerts for stock market data and commands along with that, for charts, flows, algo, etc. To start in this direction we have implemented alerts for halted stocks which can be enabled/disabled at any time. By default, all these features will be disabled. We haven't enabled halted stocks to work global wide yet but we should be adding a command within the next for that.


Added Features:

Added webpage for individual trades. Currently disabled for all users as they are not useful or have meaning, yet- but it allows admins to easily delete/remove trades for users. In the future these pages will have more data displayed with stats and charts, being able to track individual trades in real time. Here's a preview of how it currently looks, and you can see why it has no value as of now;



Fixed rankings page load time

Fixed text alignment on features page

Fixed prices showing more than 2 decimals, for all pages

Made quite a bit of cosmetic changes to the website.
- Added animated effects to home page (and to trades page temporarily)
- Shrinked and moved social media icons (bottom right)
- Increased size of informational links (bottom left)

Scaled webpages to fit different screen sizes, buttons won't overlap on smaller screens. We're still looking into a developer to design a mobile friendly display.


On Our Side:

Fixed forced in trades. Wasn't allowing users to trim or close any trades we had forced in for them.


Known issues:

None that we know of


What's to come:

-Partial/trim calculations will be changed to get the average of total trims/partials, then applying that to the overall gain percentage.
-Announcements via bot - The bot will let you know any time there is an announcement, update, or scheduled down time. It will give you this info the first time you run a command or input a trade- and to prevent spam it will only do this once.


Final Notes:

    PayPal: [email protected] OR PayPal Donate
    CashApp: $TradeHub
    Crypto: Contact us if you'd like to donate a different coin/token [email protected]
        Bitcoin: 3N6b5MNFutgENwDQZxHN5SRXDDLMNEXkfV
        Ethereum: 0xb187C3b82FCd31947f9f85a4AE48f732a035Aa3c
        Litecoin: MTpTt6EQw2xi93J59Aj3FpZwdoHxUEWAAT
        USDT Addresses: 
             TRC20: THgJL72cJp75YLQbCNN8WeCGiMjbgCaZYX
             ERC20: 0xcF6eb9159FDEF3e6163C61FfeCbfDE469dBEf9f6
             BEP20: 0x13ef41d97372cdba6d3ac514b30b423552ee34ba

Please reach out if you have any suggestions. [email protected]
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