Binance and their liquidating business

by Suuushiii • Dec 16, 2022 • 16

Ever since the fall of big crypto names such as FTX and Crypto lenders alike there has been more eyes on the crypto scene as the days and weeks go by. Binance has just accounced that they are liquid safe and have “proof” of reserves which don’t really make sense when alot of the collateral is only coins such as BNB and other backed ALTCOINS that really make the whole thing seam really sketchy but also provides yet another opportunity too rebuy and then short it to the liquidation points if it gets there.

A lot of traders kind of saw this coming due to the same type of language that Binance CEO used, which pointed to something much more malicious at hand. Massive bailouts coming or the next financial collapse in human history either way, we’re in the midst of this great moment in history that will eventually lead to the fall and ultimate veil finally being revealed. It still astounds me that we live in a world where mostly everything if not everything is built on some type of scam or bad or lying work and that innocent people are still people scammed out of their hard earned money it’s sad and energy draining to pull through ones days and be part of something so corrupted and evil.

Mainly what i wanted to point out in this article is that investors and traders alike should beware of all your investing decisions and make sure you understand that this system is going to try and fall back on blockchain but will fall when all the people finally sell their souls to their master. “EVIL”. May God be with you and seek the truth as much as you can because you will get answers. in Jesus name Amen.

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