FTX Alameda preparing to fight back FRAUD

by Suuushiii • Dec 19, 2022 • 21

Upon the arrest of FTX CEO Sam Bankman Fried, many people are asking what’s going on with the head of Alameda Research and wondering why the authorities haven’t done anything or captured the rest of the compliance fraudsters. Many are speculating that because of the transparency at the headquarters and the fact that all the funds were basically in one giant pot, Caroline knowingly gambles their clients’ funds away with the permission and assistance of Sam himself. She recently acquired the former SEC regulator as a lawyer, and I think she’s going to leverage the rules in her favor to either get a lesser sentence or claim she didn’t do anything wrong or something along those lines.

All the puzzle pieces make sense. If you analyze all their interviews, you can see that all their behavior pointed to this malicious outcome and could have been prevented if the people who were in charge of upholding the law and regulations wouldn’t have allowed this to happen and then paid themselves obscene fees and looked the other way whenever something like this happened and then let it happen and claimed they were upholding the rules.

This is one of the largest, if not the largest, virtue signals in the history of mankind, and no one throws a riot or even goes to the White House. This nation has become the largest pool of sissy, low-teste individuals because of the personal choices every person, man and woman, has made up to this point. What this means for the future of this constitutional country will be revealed in the near future.

I think we can presume the country is headed to a destination of financial collapse and social meltdown like never before in the history of the human race. This event has the regime in play and only holds destruction for all who live in the United States in the future. Good luck, reader, and make good decisions. Draw near to the truth as always.

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