Forex & commodity Market Rallies short term

by Suuushiii • Dec 5, 2022 • 11

Monday, December 5, 2022.

When the forex markets open, commodities like gold and the USD/JPY provide a fantastic opportunity to trade lower lows and higher trend cycles. We can anticipate a general drop in gold prices in the future, along with some bullish pullbacks. Overall, trading offers some really cool options to make extra money during a downturn. As of right now, it appears like USD/JPY is stumbling around the 136.500 price level after a sharp decline from 138.00+. We can anticipate consolidation and reversals on a daily basis, if the Japanese Job CPI is released and/or interest rates increase here in the U.S.

In terms of trade policy and companies moving their manufacturing to new locations, such as Apple, Asia appears to be on fire. The locations, which have not yet been disclosed, suggest that despite appearing risky, Asian markets and the region’s economy as a whole still show signs of strength, as evidenced by rate increases and financial crime brought on by a lack of oversight from regulatory bodies overseeing financial institutions and the like. It’s understandable why all of this runs counter to the idea that “news is the excuse for market rallies,” and it’s simple to see how certain tickers’ divergence situations are at work. One could also argue that the majority of reasonable interpretations of market movement factors are influenced by the Reverse Cramer ideology. All in all stay tunes for more market news!

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