How NVSTly Transforms the Social Trading Experience

by rich • Jun 2, 2024 • 19
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In the dynamic world of trading, NVSTly stands out as a premier platform for social trading, offering a unique blend of features and integrations designed to enhance the trading experience for both novices and seasoned traders. Here’s why NVSTly is making waves in the social trading landscape.

Completely Free

Unlike many other trading platforms that hide essential features behind paywalls, NVSTly is completely free to sign up and use. This accessibility ensures that all traders, regardless of their financial background, can take advantage of its advanced tools and features.

Web and Mobile Accessibility

NVSTly offers unparalleled flexibility with its availability on both web browsers and mobile devices (Google Play & iOS). This dual accessibility ensures that users can manage their trades and access real-time information whether they are at their desk or on the go.

Unique Discord Integration

One of NVSTly’s standout features is its full integration with Discord. This is achieved through a unique, one-of-a-kind Discord app or bot that allows users to perform almost all functions available on the main app directly through Discord. This integration is unprecedented in the social trading space and offers a seamless way for traders to stay connected and informed.

Key Features of NVSTly

Real-Time Trade Tracking and Sharing

NVSTly allows users to track, share, and even copy trades in real-time. The platform provides extensive insights on each position along with in-depth performance statistics, enabling users to make informed trading decisions.

Support for Multiple Markets

NVSTly supports a wide range of markets, including stocks, options, and over 25 cryptocurrency exchanges. Plans are also underway to include futures and forex markets, making it a comprehensive tool for diverse trading strategies.

Detailed Trade Insight UI

Every trade on NVSTly comes with a Trade Insight UI that details all events associated with a position, such as openings, averages, trims, and exits. This feature also includes real-time asset data and a unique POV Chart that marks the exact moments when a trader made specific moves.

Global Trades Feed

The platform features a global trades feed that displays all trades submitted by users in real-time. This feed can be filtered to show trades from specific traders, top trades, or trades involving particular tickers, making it easy to find relevant trading information.


NVSTly includes global leaderboards that rank top traders across various markets or combined markets. This feature comes with several filters, allowing users to see who is performing the best in specific areas of interest.

Follow and Receive Notifications

Users can follow any trader on NVSTly and receive real-time notifications of their trades. This feature is particularly useful for those who want to learn from the strategies of top-performing traders.

Brokerage Integration

To streamline the trading process, NVSTly offers brokerage integration that automates the tracking and sharing of trades. When a trade is executed within a broker, it is automatically submitted to the app. Cryptocurrency exchange integration is also on the horizon.

Automated Sharing to Social Media

NVSTly includes an automated signals feature that allows trades to be shared instantly on social media platforms like X/Twitter or directly to Discord. This automation helps traders quickly disseminate their trading activity to a broader audience.

Future Goals: 1-Click Copy Trading

Looking ahead, NVSTly aims to introduce 1-click copy trading, further simplifying the process for users to mimic the trades of successful traders.

Comprehensive Trader Dashboards

Each trader on NVSTly has a dashboard that displays their trade history and detailed performance statistics. These stats include win rate, total gain, average gain/loss/return, highest winning trade, short vs long ratio, and more, providing a thorough overview of a trader’s performance.


NVSTly is revolutionizing social trading with its unique features, comprehensive market support, and innovative integrations. By offering a free, accessible, and powerful platform, NVSTly empowers traders to connect, learn, and succeed in the competitive world of trading. Whether you are tracking trades, sharing insights, or following top traders, NVSTly provides the tools and community support needed to enhance your trading journey.


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