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by rich • Mar 18, 2022 • 49
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The trade sharing app & bot will always remain free to use, with few minor limitations that doesnt effect your interaction such as a 15 minute delay on the Trades page for regular members. This is to help conserve limited resources that comes at a cost for us. We held off on web ad's for long as possible, not only are they annoying but with a sleek and minimalist design that we have they are an eye sore. We'd like to ask all our avid users to consider in supporting us by any of the following methods.

Become a PRO Member - The membership is only $6/month that unlocks & offers you extra perks. Real time data, dashboard badges, and keeps your view of the pages free of any web ad's. It also unlocks premium channels in our Discord that provide options flows, sweeps, stock breakouts, darkpool activity, and much more. We're constantly thinking of more bonuses to offer to our subscribing members. We'll be working on a feature that will make your trades private or delayed by 1 full trading day for you analysts that like using the bot as validation to your alerts. We're always open to suggestions so if there's anything on your mind whether existing member or not, let us know what you think of that would help appeal to potential members.

Donations - We'd be grateful to anyone who chooses to support this project and help keeping it operable. Your donation helps us cover expenses it requires to keep this platform running, storage, bandwidth, & market data isn't cheap. We're not looking to be paid here, our reward is the gratifying feeling of so many users who continue to use our app each week- putting in the long & some difficult hours it takes to program, design, and manage this platform is work enough aside from reaching into our own pockets to cover operating costs. But we've said it before and it will always remain true, the use of our trade sharing app is here to stay free of cost. See below of some donation methods you can choose from.

    PayPal: [email protected] OR PayPal Donate
    CashApp: $TradeHub
    Coinbase: [email protected] - Can transfer any crypto & for free when doing coinbase-to-coinbase transfers.
    Crypto: Contact us if you'd like to donate a different coin/token [email protected]
        Bitcoin (BTC): 3NPwubJKVwn751NGrTgwZoP9ALsDQuEA5p
        Ethereum (ETH): 0xd8842865661b6901F04593d216Fe061DE906f312
        Litecoin (LTC): MJH2gpgZnkVts4Y1S6cvoLfmab1MthDYoT
        Ripple (XRP): rw2ciyaNshpHe7bCHo4bRWq6pqqynnWKQg - Memo: 514910569
        USDT Addresses: 
             TRC20: TPfsBMDZTfkBQTcq1y1bhNshACjkFpaQnT
             ERC20: 0xd1d5B859f3BbB3671D77B4aD6130aB8AbA6cF2A9
             BEP20: 0x45Ac4b386c78F2E4394DDfF947Dd626340da521A


The trade sharing app & discord bot is just the beginning, we have many plans & goals of development milestones we'd like to acheive. Our end goal is to be a helpful tool to everyday retail traders. At the time of this blog post we're close to wrapping up version 1.0 of trade sharing and after we set our sights on brokerage connection- which unlocks so many possibilities. Auto inputting of trades, Discord integration for automated alert sending, and high quality analyst-to-trade copytrading. We're excited for the future and what we plan on offering to you solid supporters! Thanks for sticking with us and we hope you're here to witness our planned success in the years to come. 

-Trade Hub (NVSTly) & Team

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