How the FTX scandal is preparing the economy for collapse and the end of the world

by Suuushiii • Dec 5, 2022 • 19

Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried and Alameda Research Hedge Fund CEO Caroline Elison are currently free and sipping iced mocha lattes alongside thousands of FTX.COM and FTX employees. Due to money allegedly being transferred into crypto-wallets in the Bahamas, US users have filed federal complaints against the two. Investors are now reevaluating their investments and realizing the shortcomings of the industry as well as how things operate in today’s political climate and behind closed doors.

After a small number of cryptocurrency lenders and hedge funds went out of business, many people were aware of what was coming, what it meant for the near future, and even the plans of the global government to control the currency. They used this information to portray themselves as benevolent organizations that care about investors and ethical business practices and are doing so in plain sight.

For the majority, it’s so obviously clear that you can’t help but step back and wonder what’s going on. One world government and currency in the final stages of a one-world system that enslaves humanity and leads to destruction and control like the world has never seen before in human history.

 It won’t be long until people are forced to use digital, government-controlled currencies because if they don’t, they won’t be able to buy goods or services if they don’t follow rules and regulations. This is the last-ditch effort by world leaders to reclaim what was never truly theirs to begin with. They should now let the gun rip and try to complete their mission. Stay tuned for more news!


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