Introducing NVSTly's Discord Stock Bot: Your New Trading Companion

by rich • May 26, 2024 • 44
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In the vast and dynamic world of social investing, NVSTly continues to push boundaries and redefine user experiences. One of its most groundbreaking innovations is the NVSTly Discord bot, an unparalleled tool that integrates seamlessly with Discord to enhance the social investing landscape. With its unique capabilities and extensive feature set, the NVSTly Discord bot stands out as the premier finance bot, stock bot, market data bot, and more. Let's dive into why this bot is a game-changer for investors and traders on Discord.

A Unique Offering in the Market

The NVSTly Discord bot is the only one of its kind, setting it apart from any other bot available. It's designed to provide a seamless extension of the NVSTly social investing app, enabling investors to track, share, and copy trades directly from their Discord servers. Its exceptional growth, now in over 4,500 Discord servers, highlights its popularity and effectiveness as the fastest-growing finance bot on Discord.

Free and Accessible to All

One of the most appealing aspects of the NVSTly Discord bot is that it's completely free and available to any Discord community or server. This accessibility ensures that anyone, regardless of their financial background, can leverage the powerful features of the bot to enhance their trading and investing strategies.

Core Features and Capabilities

The NVSTly Discord bot offers a wide range of features that go beyond simple trade tracking. Here are some of the key functionalities that make it an indispensable tool for any investor:

Real-Time Market Data

  • Stock and Cryptocurrency Charts: Fetch real-time charts for stocks and cryptocurrencies from over 25 exchanges on various timeframes.
  • Asset Data and Stats: Display real-time stats and asset data for any stock ticker or cryptocurrency.
  • Price Display: Show real-time prices for any stock or cryptocurrency on over 25 different exchanges.
  • Top Gainers and Losers: Display the top 10 gainers and losers on US stock exchanges.

Social Investing Features

The bot seamlessly integrates with the NVSTly app to provide a host of social investing features:

  • Trade Submission and Updates: Submit stocks, options, and cryptocurrency trades from any of the 25+ supported exchanges. Update positions by averaging, trimming, or closing them. Add notes and set or change Take Profit and Stop Loss levels.
  • Performance Stats: Access performance stats of any trader, including win rate, total gain, average gain/loss/return, long vs short ratio, and most traded assets.
  • Trade Recaps: Get daily, weekly, or monthly trade recaps of any trader, displaying their trade history for the specified period.
  • Open Trades: List all currently open trades for any trader.
  • Social Interactions: Follow or unfollow traders, and give +REP (reputation) to traders to acknowledge their performance.
  • Real-Time Notifications: Receive real-time notifications of trades from traders you follow directly in Discord via DMs from the bot.

Enhancing the Social Investing Experience

The NVSTly Discord bot is designed to create a cohesive and interactive social investing environment within Discord communities. By providing real-time data, comprehensive performance metrics, and the ability to interact with other traders, the bot transforms Discord into a vibrant hub for investors.


The NVSTly Discord bot is more than just a finance or market data bot; it is a comprehensive social investing tool that brings the full power of the NVSTly platform into the Discord ecosystem. Its unique features, user-friendly design, and free accessibility make it an invaluable resource for anyone involved in trading and investing. Whether you're tracking market movements, analyzing trader performance, or engaging with a community of like-minded investors, the NVSTly Discord bot offers everything you need to succeed in the fast-paced world of social investing. Join the revolution today and integrate the NVSTly Discord bot into your server to experience the future of social investing.


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