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This update and notice has been a long time coming. Ever since the release of v2.0 we've been hard at work on various projects and features. We're excited to announce that our mobile app is now available on the Google Play store. We are currently in the works of getting our iOS app approved and listed on Apple's App Store- literally any day now. If you'd like to beta test the iOS app, you can by visiting our TestFlight link. We'll release another update when our iOS app becomes publicly available, we want to pack together a lot of the updates and news into a single post. The purpose of this update is to rally up support for our upcoming Product Hunt launch, and make users aware of a giveaway we're holding. When our Product Hunt launch goes live, after the approval and listing of our iOS app, we'll release another update post covering all the latest new features, improvements, latest roadmap, and a complete changelog.


Launch Celebration GIVEAWAY

NVSTly Launch Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of our Android mobile app that is now available on Google Play, our upcoming iOS mobile app on Apple's App Store, and our 2nd launch on Product Hunt we will be doing a giveaway where various winners will have the chance to win $100 cash or crypto, 1 of 5 $50,000 evaluation accounts provided by our partner MyFundedFutures, 1 of 3 100 USDT trading vouchers from our crypto exchange sponsor Bitunix, and for our more active app users we'll be designing some personalized merch, likely t-shirts, with your username or short URL and possibly your highest gaining trade to date- we're trying to cook up something special and DOPE!


How To Enter

We have a list of easy steps for you to complete that will earn you multiple entries. The more steps you complete, the more entries you earn. Here's a complete list of steps available to earn one or more entry:

- Create a free account on Product Hunt. Share your profile link in the #ph-launch channel within our Discord community or email it to us at [email protected] before the announced (TBA) giveaway date for +1 entry
- TBA later: Upvote our launch page & drop a comment, link will be provided via blog update post and emailed to all users who are opted-in email updates. +2 entries
- Install & leave a honest review on our Android mobile app on the Google Play store. +1 entry
- Install & leave a honest review on our iOS mobile app on Apple's App Store. Link will be provided via next blog updated and emailed to all users who are opted-in email updates. +1 entry
- Drop an honest review on our Product Hunt product page & share proof +1 entry
- Follow us on X/Twitter & share proof +1 entry
- Subscribe to us on YouTube & share proof +1 entry
- Follow us on TiKTok & share proof +1 entry


How do I share proof?

There is a thread named Proof of review & Follow inside the #giveaways channel within our Discord community, you can see other examples there and share your proof. If you're not in our Discord, you can email the proof to us. Methods of proof can be a screenshot of your review, or our social media pages showing the Follow/Subscribe button reads Following or Subscribed. You can send email proof to [email protected] 

We keep an updated list of eligible users and their total number of entries inside the Qualified Entries thread located in the #giveaways channel within our Discord community.  For anyone emailing proof, we will reply with your up-to-date entry count.


When is the giveaway?

To Be Announced. We are awaiting approval from Apple to get our iOS mobile app listed on their app store. We will then post another blog update sharing the news regarding our mobile apps and their respective links, and the date of our Product Hunt launch along with a date we'll be announcing giveaway winners. Anyone completing ANY of the steps above BEFORE the announced giveaway date will earn double the entries- except for the (TBA) Product Hunt launch upvote, hence the +2 entries.

Winners will be announced in our Discord community as well through a mass email update, anyone submitting proof via email who wins will be contacted directly via email.


2nd Product Hunt Launch

Product Hunt

Less than 14 months ago we launched the v1.0 web app on Product Hunt and was crowned #1 FinTech Product of the Week. This upcoming launch will debut v2.0 and the new Android/Apple mobile apps. We really want this launch to have a MASSIVE turnout of support with upvotes & comments on our launch page when it goes live. If we could get just 15-20% of our users to show up on launch day and upvote our product page and drop a comment, it will likely put us at #1 Overall Product of the Day AND Week. All you need to do is create a free account on Product Hunt, the sooner the better, and hit the "Notify Me" button on our product teaser page here. On launch day, when our product launch goes live, you will be notified via email from both us and Product Hunt, you simply visit the link provided and hit the "Upvote" button then drop a comment congratulating our development team on their hard work- that's it.

We're requesting everyone to create a Product Hunt account early, before launch day. Why, you ask? Well their algorithm will count your Upvote with more 'points' if your PH account isn't brand new. Having all of our users signup on launch day and Upvote our product will actually do more harm than good. So we urge you all to PLEASE create your free PH account now so it's ready when we announce that our product launch is live! Thank you!

TL;DR - Create a free account on Product Hunt, hit the "Notify Me" button on this page, when you are emailed or notified when our product launch goes live be sure to hit the Upvote button on the link you're provided.


Mobile Apps

NVSTly on Google Play
 NVSTly on iOS
(Apple iOS Mobile coming soon!)

It's finally here! Our platform is now available on Android through the Google Play store. We're literally hours to days away from Apple approving our iOS app for their App Store- we'll post another update when that becomes available. Over the last year while developing v2 we wanted to make our platform accessible to a user base outside of Discord. With v2's all-new interactive UI designs, investors can now submit trades directly from the web or mobile apps, receive real-time trade notifications from investors they follow, and auto share trades to social medias or Discord communities. We've improved the platform so much that Discord isn't even required and doesn't provide any extra or helpful access. The global trades feed updates in real-time for PRO members, Trade Insight interfaces are now packed with asset data and the investor's trade updates with any notes, and a unique POV Chart providing viewers with the investor's look at a financial chart as if through their own eyes.

We still have so much on our roadmap and seemingly never-ending to do list. We're strongly focusing on implementing brokerages & exchanges to automate all the core features and provide 1-click copy trading. We also aim to develop features that will allow top traders, social traders, or community owners to monetize on our platform and get paid for their content. Your support by just installing and reviewing our mobile apps helps us tremendously by boosting it on the app store algorithms.

Android/Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ly.nvst.android
Apple iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/nvstly-social-investing/id6475617649


More To Come

Once Apple approves our iOS mobile app we'll schedule a launch date for Product Hunt and post another update on the blog, along with emailing all users who are opted-in for email updates. To opt-in/out for email updates head over to the Notifications section in your account settings. We urge everyone to signup on Product Hunt and support our upcoming launch, this is the best way for our free users to support the platform.


Happy Trading!

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