NVSTly (Trade Hub) v2.0: Redefining Social Trading for Traders and Investors

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If you've been actively using our Discord bot, you've likely already noticed the multitude of changes and improvements we've implemented in our latest release, v2.0. We have made significant strides to address the issues experienced in v1.0. To enhance our entire platform, we undertook a ground-up rewrite of all the code—now comprising a substantial 40,411 lines of code—spanning the bot, web app, and backend. Our primary objective for v2.0 was to deliver a highly responsive web application that processes actions in under a second, integrated seamlessly with Discord while optimizing bot responses, all the while supporting a wide range of assets including stocks, futures, forex, and cryptocurrencies. This vision has materialized into a seamless, rapid, and interactive social trading platform with enhanced Discord integration and features, enabling traders to instantly share their trades with followers, communities, or social media. With v2.0, we firmly believe we're closer to achieving this goal. While we've already introduced a plethora of new features, fixed existing bugs, and upgraded functionalities, we are actively developing dozens more and have an extensive to-do list. Our dedication to improvement extends to enhancing the speed and performance of the global Trades display, Trade Insight interface, and Discord bot response times.

The core features of our app and Discord bot—trade tracking, trade sharing, and following traders or their trades—are now fully functional and available with this pre-release of v2.0. This encompasses the global Trades display, Trade Insight interface, Trader Rankings, Trader Dashboards, and all previous Trade Sharing (+ new features) functionalities. Presently, the platform supports stocks, options, and cryptocurrencies across 26 exchanges. Our team has been actively developing support for forex and futures markets, complete with comprehensive performance statistics. As part of our transparent development process, you may encounter some interfaces, displays, and web pages that are either incomplete or missing, such as our Market Data Suite that includes Asset Info interfaces, Broker & Exchange integrations via account settings, Social Feed, and a new Help Center. We're diligently working on these elements as we transition our old documentation into an interactive onboarding center designed to guide you through every facet of this exceptional platform.

Version 2.0 marks the exciting beginning of a rapidly growing community of like-minded traders and investors. We invite everyone to actively contribute to the advancement of the web app and Discord bot by either submitting trades, following active traders with notifications enabled, or providing feedback—whether it's praise or constructive criticism. Our social trading platform will remain free, and we encourage you to help us expand our trader base by inviting the Discord bot to your server and inviting Discord or social media analysts/traders to explore this new and improved platform.


Big Changes Coming Soon

As we continue to roll out new features, there are some major changes you should be aware of. If you haven't noticed already, our former web domain, thetradehub.net/tradehub.pro, now redirects to nvstly.com, featuring a new logo. Stay tuned for more information as we transition out of this pre-release beta phase. Rest assured, this transition maintains the essence of the original Trade Hub (NVSTly) team and organization.

For Discord server owners and administrators, expect to receive notifications from our Trade Hub (NVSTly) bot to invite the new 2.0 bot. We're in the process of verifying the new bot with Discord and are awaiting resolution for a minor glitch (on Discord's end) we encountered during the verification application submission. We'll be providing updates on this soon.


v2.0 Changelog



A whole new fully interactive web application design, that can now support all the features we've been wanting to add without the clunky feel to it.

UI changes, improvements, & response times improved by up to 100x.
- Global Trades display improved 20-50x, options trades will see the lower end.
- Trade Insight interfaces improved by over 50x.
- Trader Ranks now contains dual leader boards to compare top traders of different markets. (Ranking formula pending change)

New Trade interface overhauled.
- Submitting trades is now more effecient. Use the real-time price or enter your own. 
- Add optional trade notes, risk flags, and TP/SL after locking in the ticker & price- to prevent errors from price volatility
- Share to Discord feature is enabled/disabled by default reflecting from Trade Sharing settings.
See New Trade UI Documentation

Trade Insight interfaces revamped & overhauled
- Contains all info & data regarding the trade
- User info with basic stats displayed
- If viewing Trade Insight of your own trade, can now easily average/trim/close from the same interface.
- We've invented a unique chart we call POV Chart, that gives viewers the sight of a chart from the traders own eyes. The charts are flagged with when and where entries, averages, trims, and the exit was made- on the exact candlestick. Giving more insight to what a trader may have been looking at when executing the position.
- Trade Inputs section now combined into a single display. Showing open entry, any averages or trims, TP/SL additions or changes, stock splits, and exit. Containing all notes from the trade author. (Update notes & media uploads under development)
- Real-time stock data still available.

Added & improved notifications.
- Can now receive notifications of trades through Discord direct messages from our bot, as well as browser push notifications. Can still customize from which traders to enable/disable notifications for.
- Traders can now receive update notifications of their own trades such as TP/SL triggered, stock splits, etc.

Trade Sharing has been overhauled.
- Adding webhooks can now be limited to which markets of trades that will be sent to them, as well a trade styles (daytrade, swing, etc.).
- Customizing the message or embed content sent to webhooks is still available for each market & trade event, with more features, and now working 100% without issue. (Please report any bugs)
See Trade Sharing Documentation

All trades can again be exported to a spreadsheet or .csv file.

When using the M alias for CMP as the price when submitting a trade with the Discord bot, it now correctly displays actual price on the Trade Insight interface where trade inputs are shown.

All markdown characters have been removed from trade notes when displayed on Trades row expansion and Trade Insight interfaces.

Gains/losses from trades flagged as Lotto/YOLO are now exempted from trading performance stats. (But will soon have their own stats displayed)

Revamped stock splits & reverse splits. They now properly calculate and change the entry price of trades that have undergone a split before they have been closed. On the Trade Insight interfaces, the entry input price will remain visible and an additional input noting of a stock split will display the new entry price.

Keyboard shortcuts have been added to submit new trades or use the search feature. Use Ctrl+/ to see the menu.


All commands, including submitting trades, are now available through slash commands. (Text commands still available)
Text & slash commands now work via direct messages with the bot.

Settings in /setup or $setup have been revamped. 
- $whitelist now properly works for all servers.
- $adminroles has replaced the old $adminperms. Can now add users along with roles.
- Can now clear values for $whitelist and $adminroles
See docs for server settings

Stocks with a . or - (I.e. BRK.A and BRK.B) now use an alias, or are submitted with the . or - ommitted from the ticker.
Index ticker symbols for options all use an alias (I.e. SPX instead of ^GSPC).
For a list of ticker symbols and their aliases, refer to this documentation

TP/SL functionality has been revamped.
- TP/SL can now be set using trade notes when submitting a trade. See docs for more info
- After submitting a trade and clicking the Add TP/SL button, a popup will appear making it more user-friendly to add/change TP/SL.
- Same popup prompt mentioned above also appears when using the TP/SL buttons on the $list command.
- Setting TP/SL values to 0 will remove previous values.
- Current TP/SL values are now shown on every bot reply embed when averaging or partial/trimming a trade.
- The bot now replies to your opening trade submission in the server/channel it was sent in when a TP or SL has been hit.
- The bot now also sends the trader a DM when a TP/SL has been hit. (This can be disabled through notification settings on the web app)
Note: TP/SL can still be set/changed/removed from a trader's own Trade Insight interface.
See TP/SL Documentation

Options left expired now do not always close at -100% (long) or +100% (short). All options left expired will close at 4:15pm EST at the price they expired at. Any options expired with prices under $0.05 will still expire -100% (long) and +100% (short)
Note: On Trade Insight interfaces it may show closed at 0.03, but return -100% (long) for accuracy. As options cannot be bought/sold under $0.05

Bot now replies with the gain/loss percentage regardless the amount. (Whereas before only mentioned gains when 5% more more)
Also shows 2 separate gain percentages for trades with partials/trims.
1. Gain - This is the value factored into performance stats. It is calculated by averaging the return of all partials/trims and the exit.
2. Entry-Exit - This value only calculates the return percentage from the entry price and the exit price.

New alias "leaving some" (anywhere in trade notes) has been added for partial/trim.
See Partial/Trim Documentation

$list or /list command has been revamped.
- Now shows your last 4 open trades, with next/back buttons to navigate through all your open trades.
- Close @ CMP button now actually closes your trade immediatel at the current market price.
See /list Documentation

$daily/$weekly/$monthly command has been revamped. $monthly command has been added.
- Has been paginated to show 10 trades maximum per page, with next/back buttons to navigate all trades.
- Lotto/YOLO trades are now marked with their flag icons & gain/loss exempted from Average Gain & Total Gain values.
- Calculates the average & total gain for each page, and the total of all trades.
See daily/weekly/monthly Documentation

$chart or /chart command has been revamped.
- Now uses our own custom charts. (Extended hours data currently not available)
- 1min, 5min, 15min, 1hour, 4hour, 1day timeframes available. (Intending to add higher timeframes.)
See /chart Documentation

$stock or /stock command now includes the full company name in the embed title after ticker symbol.
See /stock Documentation

$stats or /stats command uses a new image to display performance stats containing graphs and charts, the same components as seen on trader dashboards.
See /stats Documentation

Risk Flags are now shown on every bot reply embed when submitting a trade.
See Risk Flags Documentation

Bot embed colors when replying to trade submissions have changed. Green is for open, orange is for partial/trim, red is for close.



Entire code re-written, every line of it.

Switched to a more sophisticated, flexible, and scalable database. All traders & their trades have been migrated to it since pre-release soft launch.



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