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URGENT: Before beginning with this update post we want to point out some important issues, resolutions, and what's to come. We rolled out this latest release last week on Monday the 13th and since then have been attending to bugs and issues that many of you have been experiencing- and we appreciate your patience. We know it's frustruting, believe us, we've been getting a lot of bug reports and requests to fix trades. We want to make it clear that there is a STAT RESET coming very soon so not to stress much on your win rates and gain percentages. You all can request any trade to be fixed or removed (see $fixtrade info below) using the $fixtrade command and it will guide you through a simple 3 step process. We are aware of these issues and by the time this post has been published many of them have been resolved- we are working on the fix that is expiring trades way before their expiration dates. Unfortnately once they are closed they will need to be removed and entered again, if you can't go without please contact us or use the $fixtrade command in any server the bot is in. Before the stat reset is in effect you will have plenty notice to download all your trade data via .csv or spreadsheet, where you can also edit or fix your trade log.


Latest News


It's been two long months since the last update and if you thought we forgot about you, think again. The length of time working on this update wasn't because of big new features as I would hope so- but there has been some big changes. Most of you may have already noticed by now, and unfortnately for some with the bugs arising from this release. We've re-wrote the website in a new programming language which will make future features easier and more effiecient. Because of this rewrite, the bot also needed to be migrated to this new setup, which created bugs that needed to be ironed out before releasing this changelog. Along with this update we have also started work on crypto trade tracking & sharing, we'll release more info as progress continues. 

You can find all the new features or changes, and how they work, on our new documentation page. https://help.nvstly.com (Please allow 1-3 days for docs update)

We also have some news a lot of you have been waiting for, and with a little more patience it should be implemented soon- the STAT RESET! We understand your frustration of old trades you weren't able to properly close, or whatever the issue might be, but we didn't want to rush this reset until we have attended to all issues regarding the logging of trades. Currently, we're working on a formula that will allow more tolerance percentage of actual market price that you can be off by- so more percentage for smaller prices, and less for higher prices. We've added a new command that allows you to request any trade to be fixed, opened, or closed- see below or refer to docs. When we strongly feel trade logging is adequate and users are aware of the new fixtrade feature, we will begin announcing the date of when it will take place- we're only a few steps away from this milestone.

Before I start with the changelog I want to go over some of the recent issues that have been fixed in the past few days following the release of this update.
-Options prices not updating has ben fixed.
-When using CMP bot replying with "Your price is too far off the current market price" has be resolved.
-Open short trades on dashboards showing wrong gain/loss percentage is fixed.



This changelog is subject to chnge as more fixes relating to this release are implemented including new features not previously working now functional.

Added Features

$fixtrade - Request a trade to be fixed/edited/opened/averaged/trimmed/closed with an easy 3 step process. Proof of trade or bot malfunction will be required- see documentation for more info.

Trade View Page - Each individual trade has it's own webpage with the trade data and statistics. You can click the trade rows on the Stocks or Dashboard pages.

$prefix - The bot's prefix can now be changed to any character or special character. The bot's ping can also be in replace of a prefix. (I.e. @Trade Hub stats ) You can check the bot's prefix or get basic information by pinging the bot.

Command Aliases - Shorter commands can now be used for $stock $chart or any other command. (I.e $s | $p | $c )


Mobile Friendly - The (almost) whole website is now mobile friendly- the trade view page isn't yet.


Changes / Fixes


All stock & options pricing is now real-time.

Input Format - You can now input trades with the strike price before the expiration date. 

Trade Embeds - When bot replies with confirmation of trade it now includes a link to it's Trade View page.

Trade rows on Trades and Dashboard pages are now clickable, redirecting to new trade view page.


Known Issues


- Bot is using regular hours or closing price during the first 15 minutes after market closes.
- We are in talks with our market data provider as we suspect some of their data is being cached and displaying somewhat delayed prices
- During extended hours bot is using bid price rather than last, working with market data provider to implement this fix.
-Trades page is not auto updating, page needs refreshed to see new trades coming in.
- Website is slow during extended or off hours, brainstorming solutions to improve this.
- Bot is unexpectedly changing it's prefix without notice, suspecting users assuming bot isn't working anymore. (To fix, use the new prefix command with the bot's ping as prefix- I.e @Trade Hub prefix $ )

On Our Side

Daily backup of database

Command handler

Eval functions such as giving trial & memberships from web app. More to come.


Whats To Come

- Stat reset
- Next update will be changing how we store trade data, allowing us to provide more and useful trading statistics for trader's dashboards.
- More triggers & formats - We have plans to allow many different formats and triggers syntax for bto/stc/sto/btc.
- Considering an option to change trade confirmation embed for analysts to allow for easier readibility for their followers for easier readibility.

Final Notes

Again, we apologize for the frustrations and inconviences, and we greatly appreciate your patience. If you ever notice any bugs or issues, or have any suggestions or feature requests please reach out. We have a feedback channel in our Discord server where we post polls regarding decisions to make with features are working on. This app is made for traders, by traders- and your feedback helps improve user experience.

We'd like to remind you to please consider donating to our cause to help support the platform, it's sustainability, and it's future development work. We promise you neat things are in the works whether you're a trader or analyst. We greatfully appreciate any support you choose to offer, feel free to reach out for a promo code for a percentage off or free month(s) for your contributions to be used whenever, no expiration.


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