[RESOLVED] Unresponsive Bot & Reconnecting Web Issues

by rich • Sep 17, 2022 • 174
edited by rich on May 30, 2024

I'm sure all of you are aware of the ongoing issues we've been experiencing last week and continue to experience, whether it's an unresponsive bot when submitting trades or repeatedly being met with the annoying reconnecting animation when loading your dashboard or trades page. I have personally instructed the development team to seize all work on new features so we can focus our efforts on fixing the bugs and improving the user experience. This weekend we will be diagnosing and implementing patch updates to iron out the underlying issues contributing to the unexpected downtime.


I will keep this blog post updated with each newly discovered bugs causing these issues and the fixes we have implemented to achieve our goal of removing the root cause. Consider this post as a status page to refer to for the progress of these upcoming patches. By the time you see this post, we hope to have accomplished the task of bringing back a smooth user experience to the app and bot.


Current Status: All issues & bugs have been accounted for and fixed. We'll be looking into other methods to help improve webpage load times such as optimizing the way we use the market data API's.


Diagnostics & Implemented Fixes



Issue: Profile pictures causing high latency in web page load times.
Fix: Temporarily removed all profile images, permanent fix will be implementing a CDN when the underlying issue is resolved.
Edit 9/18 1:00am: Implementing CDN is finished and live. Profile images can now be used, they will need to be uploaded again. Various reasons on why we didn't keep them and migrate to CDN.
Profile images are live again, you will need to upload a new one!


Switched from websocket API transport to http requests


Merged requests for user data to a single fetch.



Performance Improvements To-Do

-Hot Stocks not to be updated during the hours when market is closed
-TP's & SL's not to be checked when market is closed
-Cache data when after-market ends to use for off hours, rather than fetching unchanged data on each request.

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