Signups Without Discord & Submitting Trades From Browser! BETA v1.1.14 Changelog

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As August draws to a close, we have some fantastic new features and enhancements. But first, I want to inform all of you about something important to us that we will need  support from ALL of you to help us achieve a goal we have set. We'll be 'launching' our app on Product Hunt in the coming months, and we'll need your help to reach our goal by voting & leaving a comment on our 'launch' page on the day it goes live. Below I'll briefly describe what Product Hunt is, and why it's important to us—just know this doesn't change anything. It's strictly to showcase our app and platform and introduce it to users outside of Discord.

In their words, Product Hunt "is a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations." It's important to us as we have recently opened up user registrations without requiring a Discord account and intend on scaling & appealing to more social media traders. This launch will act as our first step towards that milestone, being able to show off our platform to a whole new audience and earn some recognition. We're looking to hit 1 Product Of The Day and to do that we'll need your help by voting for us and leaving a comment on our launch page the day it goes live. In the coming months, we'll publish a blog when we've decided on a date to do this, and a final one on the day of to inform and remind you awesome supporters. You can start supporting us now by subscribing to our 'upcoming' page here. Thank you! 


App Updates

We have some exciting new features and much needed fixes and are expanding on current features. Traders can now submit trades directly from the browser, and soon when using this function, you'll be able to share that trade directly into Discord via webhooks and to social media-with the ability to build customized messages, embeds, or posts that will save for all future shares. We've also opened up user registrations not requiring a Discord account. Currently, new signups can use Google or Twitter, with more to come. You can now also link these accounts, which will later be used when sharing your trades or choosing to share your Twitter handle on your dashboard-as well as being featured in our #TradeOfTheDay tweets.

CRYPTO IS ALMOST HERE! It's finished & ready for beta testing, just a few final details to wrap up. We'll be doing a whole new interface on the $help command to add all the functionalities related to tracking your crypto trades. We'll also be working on the website aspect of this so crypto positions can be shown on the Trades page & Dashboards. We're VERY excited to be rolling out this long awaited addition. Stay tuned for SPX contracts, futures, & forex to be supported.
We'll be adding everything you need to know on our documentation pages on how to get started tracking crypto, as there is some extra settings that go with it such as changing default exchanges, trading pairs, etc.
Crypto is here!

All OG badges have been assigned! If you qualified for a badge before the stat reset, you should now see it on your dashboard. If you don't have one and feel you qualify, please reach out to us. Check out the changelog below for all the new additions, changes, and fixes we've implemented over the last several weeks.


Added Features

New users can now sign up with Google & Twitter, as well as link or unlink them in your settings. More social media platforms will be added soon.

Submit trades directly from the web app
-Stocks & options 
-Average, partial/trim, or close existing open positions by clicking the position on the right side of the display.
-An 'Advanced' text field for speedy submissions. Works just like using the Discord bot
-Can set TP/SL
New Trade display

implemented the ability to add or modify TP/SL directly from the Trade Insight display.
TP/SL edit on Trade Insight display

Lotto & YOLO flagged trades are now exempted from stats. They will have their own stats in a new stats expansion.

The Trades page is now mobile-friendly.

$daily and $weekly commands now have -open and -close syntax.

Avg Loss has been added to the dashboard; this, along with Avg Gain, will be replaced by Avg Return and will be available in the new stats extension display.

Placed a notice at the top of the website to notify you of updates, new features, and significant changes.

Server leaderboards now has a short URL

PRO membership options for quarterly & bi-annually have been added with discounted rates.

Added web ads to help support data fees. Custom web ad order page soon, to promote/advertise your business, app, or project.


Changes & Fixes

The word 'input' when using terms such as 'trade inputs' or 'input trades' will now be referred to as 'submit trades' or 'trade submissions'

Trade View displays are now known as Trade Insight

Averaging down has been adjusted and a glitch has been fixed. Won't go into detail until we've created a better detection & anti-cheat system

$daily & $weekly command changes
Now shows the gain percentage for trims rather than the gain or loss at current market value. 
If a trade has multiple trims, it shows the current average gain percentage of total partials/trims.

Fixed a bug in which the follow and +rep buttons appeared on your own Trade Insight display

Avg Gain stat now only shows average gain for winning trades now that an Avg Loss stat has been added. Avg Return will be added that calculates both winning & losing trades.

The gain/loss on Trade Insights that displayed null or 0% has been fixed and now reflects accurate return

Short options trades expiring worthless showing as -100% loss are now +100% wins

Fixed expired trades with a trim showing as -100%

Fixed issue with trial after claiming where user wasn't getting proper access 

$chart command fixed


On Our Side

Added extra security & enforcing more of it:
Forced SSL
Clickjacking protection
Investigating additional ways to secure the app that are not related to any broker-connected features

Auto-generating sitemaps for traders' dashboards & blog posts. Looking to generate Trade Insights of winning trades.

Fixed issue where if a user who doesn't have an account clicked on embed buttons, it doesn't create an error & cause the bot to be sluggish.
Also fixed issue where bot was reacting to users who clicked on embed buttons for messages not sent to them, such as Set TP/SL- which prevents bot from being sluggish.

Implemented the ability to edit trades from the web app, and any aspect of them, such as open, average, partial/trim, close, notes, submission message, everything.

Added a admin control panel to the web app
Search for users by name, ID, or email
Set notice at top of website
More to come

Added the ability to assign OG badges from the web app.

Fixed analyst badges for analysts who have parted ways or moved on- wasn't removing badges


Known Issues

Slow speed on trade confirmations and general bot usage at unexpected times

Latency of web page loading

Connection issues while browsing the website


What's to Come

Push notifications from traders you follow, such as new trades, averages, trims/partials, and closes, along with any TP/SL changes. As well as new followers or +rep notifications

Ability to share trades to Discord and social media instantly as they're being submitted

Broker integration to automate the tracking & sharing of trades.

Order forms for custom bots. Server owners can have their own branded Trade Hub (NVSTly) bot, fully customizing it and its messages & embeds, along with a brnaded rankings page for their server.



Final Notes

We're now offering advertising and promotion opportunities. Get your ad or promo pinged to 18,000 users/traders on Discord, recurring timed messages (no ping), added to message content on most bot commands, web ads, or banners, and more. Sponsors or donors can also get a shoutout right here in our blog posts. Inquiries should be directed to [email protected].

If you're not a subscribed PRO/PRO+ member, we'd like to remind you to please consider donating to our cause to help support the platform, its sustainability, and its future development work. We promise you that neat things are in the works, whether you're a trader or an analyst. We greatly appreciate any assistance you choose to provide, and please contact us if you would like a promo code for a percentage off or free month(s) for your contributions to be used whenever, with no expiration date.


    PayPal: [email protected] OR PayPal Donate
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    Coinbase: [email protected] - Can transfer any crypto & for free when doing coinbase-to-coinbase transfers.
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