Trade Hub Launches on Product Hunt Soon!

by rich • Oct 6, 2022 • 20
edited by rich on May 1, 2024

Product Hunt is a platform where startup founders & product makers can showcase their work. Each day founders or makers 'launch' their product on PH to get potential new users, recognition, or other various reasons. We here at Trade Hub (NVSTly) have decided to launch our platform no later than winter of this year, and we'll need all the support from this community that we can get. We've set a goal to reach #1 Product of the Day, and we won't be able to achieve that without you. You can help support us by signing up on PH before the launch, so on launch day when you vote & comment on our product their algorithm doesn't see it coming from a new account. You can sign up here https://producthunt.com

Here's some FAQ's we've been getting in our Discord group:

What is Product Hunt?

It's a community where 'makers' or developers can showcase their app, product, or service. Where others and interested users can vote on products they like. Our goal is to achieve Product of The Day with the more votes than any other products that 'launch' that day. But why stop there? Let's aim for Product of The Week & Month!


What are the benefits?

Recognition mostly. Being able to show a huge audience outside of Discord what we've built and see the reaction and feedback. It's nerve racking, we've had success here on Discord because it's the perfect niche- but what will others not in our bubble think of it?



What's in it for me?

On launch day we will have the most extreme promo we've ever done for a 1 month duration. If you've been waiting for the right time to subscribe to PRO+, this is your chance. But don't let it hold you back, you can subscribe now and still reap the killer promo during the month of our launch. With proof of your vote & comment, we'll also be giving out an exclusive one of a kind badge for your trader dashboard and a free month of PRO+

How can I help?

We need your votes and comments! To meet our goals, we need to acquire as many votes and comments on our launch page as possible on the first day of launch, and every day after for 1 month. So please subscribe with your email on our 'upcoming' page to be notified of when we launch!

Well, when's the launch?

TBA Winter 2022 - We still have some features we want to roll out before launching, which will open our app up to not just Discord users. You'll hear it here in the week or 2 leading up to it and on launch day. But be sure to subscribe, it also helps our upcoming page.

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