Trade Sharing, Bot Linking, & Product Hunt Launch- Support Us! BETA v1.3.17 Changelog

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We're LIVE on Product Hunt and need your upvote! We've just launched our app on Product Hunt and are aiming for #1 Product of the Day! All you need to do is create a free account at ProductHunt.com, upvote our launch page, and make sure to drop a comment congratulating the dev team on this milestone. Everyone who shows support will receive a 75% off 1 year promo code.. We'll also be giving out exclusive dashboard badges to all supporters.

Trade Hub - The Social Trading App - LIVE on Product Hunt


Trade Hub (NVSTly) is now an official affiliate partner of the MEXC exchange!
MEXC - Trade Hub Affiliate

For the month of November, they're giving over $9,000 in sign up bonuses to traders who sign up using our affiliate link. If you're a crypto futures trader, then you might want to call MEXC your new crypto home. They consistently have tons of promotions related to futures, such as a 75,000 USDT bonus pool, a 200k DOGE bonus pool, and a list of others.
To celebrate the launch of the Futures Leaderboard, MEXC will be holding the 3rd season of the Futures Trading Pro Ranked Competition with a 75,000 USDT bonus pool! Users who participate in USDT-M futures trading will be able to check their PNL and ranking for the day.
They also just rolled out a "Deposit & Trade" event where "$15,000 in DOGE is up for grabs"—no other exchange has so many promos, bonuses, and giveaways. If you're already trading crypto, consider switching to MEXC. Do your DD and find out for yourself!
Signup using our affiliate link to reap the rewards.


We want to give a quick shoutout to the Market Mornings newsletter!
Market Mornings Newsletter

A great source for weekly market reviews and upcoming events on the financial calendar, such as earnings reports, weekly % changes in major & overseas indices, top large/mid-cap company growth and loss for the week, and so much more. Sign up for their newsletter here: MarketMornings.com Conveniently delivered to your email every Monday morning!



App Updates

We've rolled out the new Trade Sharing feature that allows you to instantly send your trades to Discord via webhooks as they are submitted, or to post them on Twitter. You can also fully customize your trade's message content; check out the help article or docs to see examples of how you can deck out your alerts and trades. We've also added the ability to link a Discord bot to your Trade Hub (NVSTly) account, which can submit trades on your behalf. This feature is still under development and only allows traders to submit trades using the acceptable format via text message, not an embed- yet.

The crypto version's development is slow right now as the lead developer, IMoRT, has taken a hiatus to focus on school. But, we've brought in another developer who will be getting familiar with our code with the intent to take over crypto development. We're always looking for solid contributors to bang out some lines of code, so if this peaks your interest, please get in touch.


Added Features

You can now share submitted trades to Discord and Twitter instantaneously!
With full customization of how your trade's message content looks.
Add webhooks in your account settings, assign any @mentions or role pings, and add an avatar.
Link your Twitter account in your settings.
Build your Discord messages and embeds for trade sharing and your tweets.
Set to always share to Discord or Twitter in settings. (When enabled in settings, it will always be enabled in New Trade.)
If set to always share, when you submit trades from the bot, it will always send them to the webhooks you have added, but not to Twitter. We'll be adding the ability to input your API keys to auto-tweet submitted trades from Discord.
For more info and how to setup, see the documentation.
 Trade Sharing


Ability to add notes when submitting trades on the web app through the New Trade feature.
We have more plans for this in the new Web 2.0 design.

Analysts with bots can now link their bot to their Trade Hub (NVSTly) account, which can submit and log trades on their behalf if they use the proper format.
Use the $linkbot <bot-id-here> or $lb command to add your bot. (I.e. $lb 1234567890)
Currently, only text messages are used to log trades; embed support will be added later, and we'll be announcing more about this in a later version update.

The Trades page now shows crypto trades, You can toggle to show stocks, options, crypto, or all.

Changed the look of the Help Center and added a button to the navbar.

Added timeframes on the Trades page where you can sort top trades or trades from users you follow by the past day, week, month, or all-time.

Push notifications for receiving +rep are enabled by default.

New users can now sign up with their email, after confirming the email sent by the app.

Added temporary method to unsubscribe from our email list until a permanent email service provider has been chosen.


Changes & Fixes

BOT NOW HANDLES STOCK SPLITS! (and reverses)—mostly. It will now change your entry price on any open trades on the effective day of the split. Note: This is still not 100% effective, as we're trying to figure out a solution to find out what time splits will occur, whether before pre-market or when after-hours trading ends. If there's an issue with your trade due to a split, use the `$fixtrade` command or send an email to [email protected]. Anyone caught intentionally abusing this bug may be suspended from submitting trades. We will routinely check for the latest trades on tickers that have undergone any type of split as a temporary solution.

Fixed settings page issue where sections were not expanding on some browsers.

Fixed the Invalid Authorization Token when creating an account using Discord.

Fixed an issue with TP/SL checking on options trades.

On the New Trade display, by default, it shows the last 5 trades. You can now click "Show All" to show all your open trades.

Fixed a bug for submitting options trades with the New Trade feature.

Changed text boxes to use white font instead of black. (I.e., search on the Trades page, role ID in webhooks, etc.)


Crypto bot and app changes & fixes

Added all decimals and removed any extra zeros at the end. No longer rounds up or down or cuts off decimals, which is crucial for tokens under $1.

Issues with some exchanges not acknowledging some tickers/pairs have been fixed.

Added separator (/) between ticker & pair in the trade confirmation reply embed to make the trade easier to read.

Added exchange name to rows on the trades page

Fixed tickers/pair on the Trades page to be all the same, regardless of the exchange it was submitted for.

Fixed the cosmetics of the error message when trying to close a trade you don't have open. (btcusd is now btc/usdt) 
When submitting a trade with the wrong ticker or if it's the correct ticker but doesn't recognize it, it now has a Fixtrade button on the error to request the trade be forced in when the ticker issue has been fixed.


On Our Side

CDN now properly enforces png/jpg file types for profile avatars and icons.

Sent a list of hundreds of missing tickers to our market data provider to be added into the system. It's inevtiable that you will still run into the invalid/missing ticker error, continue to hit the Report button.


Final Notes

Trade Hub (NVSTly) has landed an official partnership with Financial Modeling Prep, our market data provider. We are very grateful to them supporting our cause in bringing a more social aspect to the community of retail traders. For you developers and algor traders, FMP offers a free stock market data API with tons of endpoints for essentially any type of data you're looking for.

Financial Modeling Prep


We're now offering advertising and promotion opportunities. Get your ad or promo pinged to 19,000 users/traders on Discord, recurring timed messages (no ping), added to message content on most bot commands, web ads, or banners, and more. Sponsors or donors can also get a shoutout right here in our blog posts. Inquiries should be directed to [email protected].

If you're not a subscribed PRO/PRO+ member, we'd like to remind you to please consider donating to our cause to help support the platform, its sustainability, and its future development work. We promise you that neat things are in the works, whether you're a trader or an analyst. We greatly appreciate any assistance you choose to provide, and please contact us if you would like a promo code for a percentage off or free month(s) for your contributions to be used whenever, with no expiration date.


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