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by rich • Sep 29, 2022 • 36
edited by rich on May 26, 2024

I wanted to share some useful tools & resources that are common among daytraders, also including some other unique and helpful resources.

TradingView is a platform focused on charts & custom indicators. Traders can use indicators that other traders have made or build their own- which can work great the alerting feature. You can find all sorts of useful indicators, such as the one our team uses for The Strat, and the algos our team has built. 
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Trade Ideas Pricing, Alternatives & More 2024 | Capterra

Trade Ideas is a solid stock screener that can help you find potential plays packed with features including custom alerts to notify you of possible trades, momentum traders use it to put together a watchlist each morning and comb through them for potential entries. Our AI Alerts bot uses this.
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Unusual Whales - Apps on Google Play

Unusual Whales is a great tool for any options trader. It focuses on unusual options activity & flow among other metrics, it also includes a stock screener with alerts, social data, & more.

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Private Wealth Management

Finviz is a free stock screener, doesn't have all the extra features Trade Ideas has such as alerts, but the screener itself is essentially the same.


Value Investing is a great platform for strictly fundamental data of any companies stock. It too has a basic screener as well.


Quiver Logo

Quiverquant is a unique app with useful data such as; politician's trades, inflation, app ratings, risk factor, insider tracking, and so much other data. Definitely worth a look.


Capitol Trades is a neat tool where you can see what trades politicans are making, want to copy trade Nancy Pelosi? Well here you go.


Senate Stock Watcher Logo House Stock Watcher Logo
Senate Stock Watch & House Stock Watcher is also a tool that tracks trades from politicians.


If you're looking for something specific, drop in our Discord group and ask.

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