Version 1 Release Update & BETA v1.14 Changelog

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It's here! We couldn't be any more excited to finally announce the version 1.0 roll out over the last few weeks. You've been using the (complete) latest version since the 1st of July, but we've held off on announcing this update so we can be sure any bugs were fixed, and implement more features we had planned for the long awaited and delayed official first version of Trade Hub's (NVSTly) trade tracking & sharing app. There have been some significant features added, changes to existing features, and most importantly, improvements to the overall system and fixes to crucial issues.

Latest News

To kick off the month of July and roll out the much anticipated v1.0, we wiped the slate clean with a global wide stat reset, as most of you have already known. This was a one off mandatory event that was needed to implement and move forward with the new trade logging system. There will be no more global wide mandatory resets- besides for futures, forex, and crypto, which should be available for pre-beta testing soon. But don't fret. We've been considering implementing some sort of feature that would allow users to reset their own all-time stats once or twice each year, but with the new version release it shouldn't be relevant. It's been a free-for-all for the top 10 leaderboard ranks, but those positions can change daily as we have changed the default leaderboard timeframe to 30 days. We also enabled the Top Trader & High Win Rate badges to be assigned automatically for traders to stand out and distinguish themselves from the rest, and for those of you who met the requirements for the exclusive OG badge, we will be adding those in the coming weeks. If you're in our Discord server and know you qualify, feel free to reach out to us so we can get you setup with it instantly.

This release comes with our longest changelog to date and is packed with features and changes. We even have more exciting plans in the works, such as being able to input trades on the app from your web browser and automatically send those to Discord, Twitter, and/or possibly Stocktwits. Check out the changelog below to get up to date with the latest additional features, changes, fixes, and what's to come.



Added Features

- Added list of aliases for triggers that can be used as alternatives for BTO/STC/STO/BTC. Please refer to docs for more details.
(I.e. buy aapl @ cmp or close aapl @ cmp or short aapl @ cmp or cutting aapl @ cmp or trimming aapl @ cmp)

- Trade Flags that can be detected anywhere in the trade notes. Adds an icon after the trade style to represent the risk level.
 High Risk YOLO Play - Lotto or YOLO marked as High Risk YOLO Play
 High Risk Play - Risky or High Risk marked as High Risk Play
 Earnings Play - Earnings or ER marked as Earnings Play

- Trade View (Trade Insights) display revamped. A popup now displays when clicking the trade (anywhere on the 'row') on the Trades, Dashboard, and Stock Info pages. (See changes below)

- Server leaderboards are back. Add ?guild=<server-id-here> at the end of the leaderboard URL.
(I.e. nvstly.com/ranks?guild=872241427063668767 or trd.ng/ranks?guild=872241427063668767 - short URL coming soon)

- Added Top Trader badge, automatically assigned to traders who are ranked in the top 10 on all-time and 30 day leaderboards.
- Added High Win Rate badge, automatically assigned to all traders who have a win rate of 80% or higher.

- Added PRO/PRO+ icons on top of user avatars.


Changes & Fixes

No fixes relating to bugs or issues directly related to the release of the web 1.0 or bot 1.0 versions starting from 6/23 to the time of this update, as v1.0 was intended to be bug free by the time of this changelog's publishing. All bugs and issues non related specifically to v1.0 will be mentioned in this changelog.

- Trim/Partial/Scale keywords and aliases can now be detected anywhere in the trade notes. As mentioned above under new features, added trim/partial keywords can now be used instead of a ticker. (I.e. trim aapl @ cmp`)

- Added `Long Term` as a new Trade Style.

- Trade Styles can now be detected anywhere in the trade notes.

- Fixed extended hours pricing on trade inputs using bid instead of last.

- Can no longer input open entries for long and short positions of the same stock or options contract.

- Fixed options input so if a date input is before today's date and the year is not specified, it knows to check against next year's date. 

- Fixed dashboard page showing 0% gain/loss on open trades.

- Fixed issue with expired options trades showing gain/loss as NaN%, causing average and total gain to display 0% regardless of how many closed trades there were. Some of you may have noticed on 7/09/2022 at least one -100% trade placed on your behalf. This was due to removing all NaN% affected trades and re-entering them. If you feel there was a mistake, please reach out to us. You may also request to have these trades removed entirely for the inconvenience caused on our part.

- All 0dte options contracts are automatically marked as High Risky Play trade flag.

- Leaderboard by default now shows ranks for the past 30 days rather than all-time.

- Revamped entire Trade View (Trade Insights) display. (Still under development, but you can get an idea of the finished result.)
Adding stock stats such as price, movement, volume, & more.
Adding contract stats such as greeks, volume, implied volatility, & more.
Screenshot of the chart on entry and exit inputs.

- Latest trades on Stock Info pages are now clickable.

- Full trade rows on Trades, Dashboard, and Stock Info pages are now clickable, directing to the Trade View display. You can still click on usernames, tickers, and dropdown arrow to expand trade.

- Removed emoji ID's from trade notes.

- Added new Tier badges.

- $list command is fixed. It shows up to 5 of your latest open trades and allows you to set or change TP/SL. Ability to close @ cmp coming soon.

- Revamped 'tolerance system' to help with volatilie trades and the time it takes to input them and lowers the chances of the bot replying with "Your price is too far off the current market price!"
Improved input efficiency with lower priced plays, especially under $1.00 

> What is the tolerance system?
The tolerance system is what determines how much your input price can be off from the current market price. We allow a small tolerance due to volatility and the time it may take to input trades. The old system did not work well with small prices,most of the issues were mostlye with options. We have built 2 new tolerance systems for both stocks and options for better accuracy. It is now highly unlikely that you will run into the "Your price is too far off..." reply message, unless you are actually cheating or took way longer than the slowest time it takes to input a trade after execution.
We always recommend using your actual price rather than CMP or M as there are sometimes minor inconsistencies, so when using your actual price you will get the correct input and with the new tolerance system should not run into any issues.


On Our Side

- Bot's status now cycles through all 3 events- playing, watching, & listening to. We take advantage of this if any major issues are occurring, current or new versions are about to drop, or user global user acitivity.

- Changed all badge images from svg to png formats.


Known Issues

Delayed Prices:

We have received reports and are aware of some of the issues when using CMP or M to log trades at the current market price and it being off or delayed. This issue i caused by our market data provider- we believe they are caching prices or data for tickers with a certain criteria. We are in communication with them to get this resolved. With v1.0, one of the biggest changes to the apps' backend function was requesting data in bulk rather than one at a time. We are limited on how many requests for data we can make within 1 minute, so before we used to cache prices to reserve requests limits- but now with bulk requesting, we can request over 100 tickers and all the data we need as a single request. This allowed us to use actual live and real-time market data, but due to the issues we suspect with our data provider, it is conflicting with our claims of real-time data. If this issue continues to occur and we cannot settle we will look elsewhere for the data we need.

Alternative work around for the time being
We know cmp or m is much faster than typing out your prices, and we also know some of you prefer to use it so you do not get the error message from the bot when your price is too far off the current price.

=With the new tolerance system, we advise using your actual price, as it is significantly more unlikely you will run into the price too far off.
-If using cmp/m and the price is not accurate, request it to be fixed with the $fixtrade command. It will walk you through a 3-step process on how to get a trade fixed, edited, opened, trimmed, closed, or removed. 


What's to Come

We don't like to share our ideas or plans that aren't currently under development to prevent theft of them or give inspiration to any apps attempting to do what we do. We want to share our list of nine (9) features on the to-do list but we'd rather not hand over the brilliant thinking and brainstorming we put into this app. We'd rather be close to releasing features before making it known it's on the roadmap, allowing any potential competition having to blantantly copy us if they choose to but not beating us to it. You can join our Discord server and see teasers of what we're working on and sometimes ideas in the concept stage we are preparing for.

  • Ability to input trades from the app, directly from browser. There is a HUGE plan once this is finished. It will bring in so much growth and competitive leaderboard rankings.
    This will also offer the option to auto send these trades to Discord using webhooks, Twitter using API keys, and Stocktwits (not definitive) using authkey. We've been announcing this for months. and it's almost here.
  • Adding your social media handles to your dashboard allows you to be mentioned when making #TradeOfTheDay posts on social media or any other recognizable achievement.
  • Screenshots of charts on Trade View display for entry & exits. Showing what a trader was looking at before making the play, and potentially showing why it was done.
  • Exiting plans for Trade View displays we can't reveal right now, it will unlock a whole new functionality directly from the web app.
  • With the new trade data storing that came with version 1, it unlocks unlimited possibilities with what we can do for traders' performance stats. Such as your average loss on losing trades, the average time in a trade, stocks vs options, long vs short, etc. We have some exciting game changing stats we don't want to reveal yet but we know you're going to enjoy the whole new stats display we have planned.
  • Short URL for server leaderboards.
  • More market data commands on the bot, including adding the use of indicators to the existing chart command, are available. Some to look forward to are fetching support/resistance levels, top stocks based on volume, upcoming earnings, er reports, analyst grades, the ability to request charts with indicators, and so much more. Reach out with your requests or suggestions.
  • Custom alerts & notifications, including adding our halted stocks feed to any server, the ability to set alerts for when stocks hit a price point, or meet/exceeds a technical indicator parameter.
  • Allow bot to setup Top Trader and High Win Rate roles and auto assign to users who hold those badges. Will need manage roles permissions. (Based off server leaderboards or global leaderboard? Your vote matters!)

Your opinions, suggestions, or criticisms matter and are important to us in helping shape out features and how they function or perfecting the user flow. Please reach out to us either by email ([email protected]) or through our Discord server.


Final Notes:

If you're not a subscribed PRO/PRO+ Member we'd like to remind you to please consider donating to our cause to help support the platform, its sustainability, and its future development work. We promise you that neat things are in the works, whether you're a trader or analyst. We greatfully appreciate any support you choose to offer, feel free to reach out for a promo code for a percentage off or free month(s) for your contributions to be used whenever, no expiration.


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