Week 2 BETA - Changelog

by rich • Nov 29, 2021 • 53
edited by rich on May 1, 2024

Week 2 of beta testing went as planned. Reaching over 70 servers with 290k+ users we are looking forward to getting 𝙋𝙡𝙖𝙮𝙨-𝘽𝙤𝙩™️ verified by Discord.

We have some exciting features we implemented over the weekend. The big ones being the ability to trim or partially exit out of your plays while still keeping it opened, trade rows now show profile avatars and usernames are clickable where you will be able to scope out any traders stats or share your own! Check out the changelog for more info, to see what else has been included in this latest update, and what's to come next week!

Special shout out to our beta testers providing us with the much needed feedback to improve the usability of the bot, we have been grateful for your contributions. We are excited to see fast growth and are hoping very soon we'll be able to promote 𝙋𝙡𝙖𝙮𝙨-𝘽𝙤𝙩™️ to larger servers when testing has been concluded and verification is approved.

News & Updates

Added Features:

AS PROMISED! You can now trim or partially exit your plays. Using the word trim, trimming, partial, scale, or scaling at the end of your play, it will still keep your play open until you run a closing trigger with no trim/partial. The bot will reply with your trim/partial exit percentage regardless of size. The total gains will be calculated into an average which is then used towards a traders overall stats. (We are open to suggestions on how trims/partials should be calculated into overall stats- keep it the same or use only the gain percentage when you close all out?)
Example of a trim/partial exit;
The inputs below keeps your play open for stock/options plays.
stc tsla @ 1020.83 trim
stc tsla @ 1020.83 partial
stc tsla @ 1020.83 trimming
To fully close out;
stc tsla @ 1020.83 closes your play and no trims/partials will be allowed thereafter
NOTE: Notes must come after trim or partial if trimming plays.
    Trims/partials show on the trades page under the original play- you will now see "Partial" along with "Open" & "Closed" under the "Position" coloumn.

Profile pictures/avatars have been added on the trade rows to help better identify which trades belong to who.

Usernames on the website are now clickable. They will show you that traders dashboard and the stats within it.
    In the last changelog, we gave notice about our new short URL. When users trade stats are fully functional, we predict some users wanting to flex or show off their stats, you can now share you profile/stats with anyone by using u.trhub.net/[username] (e.g. u.trhub.net/trade+hub for username "Trade Hub")

OG badges! Anyone who has the "OG" role within our Discord will have this badge on their profile indefinitely. This badge is the most exclusive of them all, to be awarded this badge you'll need to be subscribed to our PRO package when we start to offer it. The only way to receive this badge othwerwise is by contributing in our Discord server, users who have earned "Tiers" for messages sent in certain channels have been awarded the OG badge along with other users we have noticed much activity from.



Threshold for options premium prices has been adjusted.

Fixed gain percentages for options plays, they were not being displayed in the bot's feedback messages or displaying on website- they now work as intended.

Fixed extended hours pricing. Previously it was using the closing price, it now checks against current extended hours prices in real time.

Fixed display of seconds on trades page, replaced with s to keep all trade rows same heigth.

There was an issue with the averaging feature. When having an open options position, then opening an equities position for the same stock it was averaging the premium & shares price. It was also averaging calls & puts for the same stock. This has all been fixed, we're relieved no one reported having this issue and we discovered it ourselves.


On our side:

Added a shortcut command to force the market open during off hours to allow us easy testing of new fixes or implementing features.

Disabled the ability to create usernames matching tickers.

Known Bugs:

Hot stocks are not working as intended. These are the most traded stocks within our userbase, not the market itself. We predict this fix by the next update.

Final Notes:

We are hard at work putting in long & difficult hours, seeing this project grow as it has is exciting to be apart of. Thank you everyone who has been contributing to these early stages, along with patching bugs we are able to start implementing hidden features such "Reputation" which is our own karma system, following favorite traders and enabling push notifications, crypto tipping, and much more. (Note: Crypto tipping will be one of the last hidden features we implement after doing some rigorous testing to ensure security. You would be able to link your wallet via browser extension as you do for any other website, but we want to make sure it's 100% secure before offering this function.)

Users trade stats is another high priority feature we are wanting to finish. Besides win rate and gain average, we have some ideas about integrating charts/graphs for users stats on their dashboard.

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