v2.0 Is Complete! Mobile Apps, Product Hunt Launch Is Live, & more

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It's official. Version 2.0 is complete now equipped with mobile apps on Google Play and Apple's App Store! V2.0 UI/UX has been out for a some months while we've been building in public, and although there is still much more work to complete and features we want to implement, we're officially in the 2nd version of this platform. Available on web, mobile, and full Discord integration, investors can track, share, or copy trades with in-depth performance stats and extensive insights on every position. To celebrate this we're hosting a giveaway in our Discord community, more info on that below. We're also launching on Product Hunt for the second time to showcase the all-new interactive design v2.0 has provided.


Product Hunt Launch is LIVE!

Our launch on Product Hunt for the second time is now live, and we need YOUR support! Head over to our product launch page, hit that upvote button, and drop a comment congratulating our development team. Product Hunt allows us to showcase our platform, discovered by new users, and potentially attract investors. It's a huge event for our development team as they receive all the credit earned for their hard work over these past couple years. We greatly appreciate everyone who shows up to support this launch. Use this link to drop an upvote & comment: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/nvst-ly-social-investing


Mobile Apps Released

They're here! Mobile apps on both Google Play and Apple's App Store are available for mobile devices. After you install, be sure to leave a rating and drop a review, it helps our apps grow organically and filtered into the app recommendation algorithm for future users. It's been a long time coming and we're excited for the release of these. Please report any bugs or issues to us within our Discord server or via email at [email protected]


Launch Party Giveaway This Saturday (2/10)

To celebrate the launch of v2.0 and our Product Hunt launch, we're throwing a giveaway- your chance to win $100 cash/crypto, 1 of 5 $50,000 funded evaluation accounts from our partner MyFundedFutures, 1 of 3 100 USDT trading voucher from Bitunix, and personalized (TBD) merch for participants who are our more active users of our app and Discord bot. Join our Discord server and checkout the #giveaways channel for more info on how to earn extra entries!

Want to give a BIG THANKS to MyFundedFutures for sponsoring this giveaway, head over to their Discord server and check them out, they have promotions running every month. You can use our referral link https://nvstly.com/ref/myfutures and the promo code NVSTLY to get 24% off any Starter and Expert plans.


v2.1 Changelog

v2.0 changelog



Added the ability to recover accounts when password has been forgotten. 

Added the ability to login with username and password only. (Previously was email and OAuth only)

Dashes are no longer allowed in usernames. All usernames containing dashes have been replaced with underscores. Usernames that started or ended with a dash have the dash removed.
Trader dashboard URLs now uses dashes instead of + for usernames containing spaces.

Trade Sharing for crypto trades completed. Custom message/embed builder contains all crypto related properties. (Advanced properties such as crypto volume, last close price, etc. to come later as it's lower priority.)

Fixed bug regarding the save button on webhook edit UI on Trade Sharing feature.

Fixed issue with link/image fields within Trade Sharing custom message/embed builder showing field border as red indicating it as invalid when properties for links or images are used. (I.e. [[account.link]] [[stock.icon]] etc. when used in for example Author Link or Thumbnail Image fields.)

Implemented Top Trader and High Win Rate badges again, still auto assigned when parameters are met. (Affiliated roles in our Discord community server are automatically given to these users if they are in the server.)

Enabled email notification settings. Allows users to opt-in/out for email updates.
Added unsubscribe page for unsubscribe link in emails.

Implemented the ability to signup/login with Apple ID and link to NVSTly account.


Trade Insights:

Fixed Entry-Exit gain/loss value for short sell trades. (Was calculating the wrong way.)

Updated handling of Entry-Exit gain/loss on Trade Insight UI for positions that underwent a stock split. It now calculates the new adjusted price to exit price for the Entry-Exit value.

Updated POV Charts to stack flags when trade updates happen on the same candlestick.

Changed how notes are displayed on Trade Insight interfaces containing TP/SL triggers and their values. It was removing the letters TP or SL and their values, as we have a designated fixed way to display TP/SL values. It now leaves the notes as written by the trader, and still includes our fixed method of displaying TP/SL and their values.

Trade Insight URLs are now case insensitive.

Added ticker symbol to Trade Insight interface titles.


Trades Feed:

Global Trades feed interface by default now shows only stock trades, as we continue to improve the speed of fetching options trades. Users can still filter the feed by any market.

TP/SL values (if set) are now displayed in the trade row expansion on global Trades feed interface.

Added option to sort trades by Open/Closed on trader dashboards.

Fixed issue where Input info on trade row expansions to properly display updates and TP/SL setting/changing.

Cosmetic fix to filter element on global Trades feed interface.


Submitting trades:

Implemented ability to add standalone notes to trades.
Can now upload images with notes when submitting trades or adding standalone notes. Includes Discord support- will upload any images attached to the message.

Fixed 'price lock' bug when submitting crypto trades through web or mobile app. (Was not locking in the price specified after completing 1st step when submitting trade.)

Fixed glitch where expired trades with partials/trims were not closing at their last trim.

Patched bug where duplicate trades could be created when using the New Trade feature on web/mobile app.



Splash page completed.

Disabled notifications for trades that have been forced in by staff. Trades forced open then updated or closed by the trader will also not send trade notifications.

Temporarily redirecting Help Center link to documentation on Gitbook until Help Center articles & material are completed.

Added temporary Contact Us page.

Hot Stocks ticker slide is now functional. Showing top traded stocks and crypto tickers. Resets at midnight and by default while no trades have yet been submitted, shows 4 stock and 4 crypto tickers.

Added footer to pages without full UI shell. Contains social media icons, policies, etc. (Home/splash page, blog, Help Center, etc.)

Fixed issue where auto generated ETF logos were being applied to some crypto ticker symbols.

Fixed browser back button from blog or splash/home pages back to the app. (Wasn't correctly taking user back to the app)

Disabled Darkreader extension. (Our app uses dark theme by default already, and looks better in native theme. Darkreader was hiding crucial elements.)



Discord bot name change from Trade Hub to NVST.ly finally approved by Discord.

Added support for analyst bots. Trades sent through an analyst's Discord bot can be logged/tracked using any customized format- so long the format is consistent with every trade/signal. (For now, has to be configured on our end. We plan to streamline it in the future so analysts can do this on their own using an easy to use interface. If you'd like to integrate your bot with our app just reach out to us.)

Added ability to submit crypto trades without specifying /<pair> or .X syntax when default market is set to crypto- as was done on v1.

Fixed bug where crypto prices having more than 4 decimals were rounding up/down, now uses all decimals for accuracy. (Previously prices were logged correctly, but were just being displayed as rounded up/down.)

Fixed Close @ CMP button to now reply with confirmation of trade being closed.

TP/SL ephemeral message fixed. (When setting TP/SL from Discord, bot successfully replies with ephemeral message only the author can see.)

Crypto exchanges can now be used with dots in the name when submitting trades. (I.e. binance.us gate.io as well binanceus gateio)

When using daily/weekly/monthly commands for a trader who has no trades to display, the bot response has changed from "failed/error" message to specify that the trader has no trades to display for that period.

DM notifications now include link to notification settings in account settings to easily disable notifications.

Bot's custom status now again cycles through trader count, trades count, server count, and other info.

Fixed issue when attempting to follow a trader you already follow using the follow command on Discord. (Bot was replying with %Username% instead of the actual username.)

Added trader's dashboard link button to stats command.

Minor edits and links fixed throughout the help command.

Fixed issue where bot was not syncing roles reflecting dashboard badges. (For our community server only.)


Our Side

Implemented handling deleted accounts. (I.e. If author of a blog, the author will switch to a default NVSTly account, if a PRO/PRO+ member their subscription is canceled immediately.)

Implemented max amount of trades that can be fetched.

Created short URLs for all our social media links.

Started data analytics, stats for user count, server count, total trades, total commands used, etc. More to be added, considering making trade related stats public.

SEO Implementations:
Added news tags
Made page titles as h1 tags
Added canonical tags for Trade Insight & Dashboard URLs
301 on all redirects

Fixed issue where users with expired trial were not getting the Beginner role back and access to public Discord channels.

Added server count to our bot listing on all listing sites we're on.

Noscript tag on site

Added API status and robots.txt to backend servers


What's To Come

- New user onboarding
- Futures & forex market support
- More performance stats
- Market data suite (financial & market data for every asset)
- Brokerage integration to automate tracking & sharing of trades
- Crypto exchange integration for automation
- 1-click copy trading via broker connection
- More socialization such as posts of analysis, ideas, or market related content with comments & live feed page.
- Allow top traders to monetize their content
- More trade journal tools and reporting
- Complete investing & day trader educational courses through interactive learning



The best way to support this platform is by becoming a PRO member, but we'll also accept any donations.

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