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by rich • Dec 8, 2022 • 371

What a HUGE accomplishment! With your support, Trade Hub was crowned the #1 Fintech Product of the Week on Product Hunt, and we are stoked! For those of you who didn't get a chance to show support during our launch, you can still visit our product page and leave a review; we would greatly appreciate it. Funny story about our launch: a competitor of ours heard about our launch the day before, about t-minus 12 hours. How, you might ask? Well, I (rich) may or may not have provoked a reaction out of their fearless leader; after all, this app was born on Discord, where you might expect to find the occasional trolling and loosely run organizations like yours truly. With a greater user base than ours, we were not worried, as our whole team strategically prepared for this launch for three weeks leading up to it, letting all our users and members know to come show their support—yeah, that one email from us you decided to ignore. Anyways, with 12 hours before launch, they throw, and I quote, "the largest giveaway yet" with $1000 cash and another $2,400+ in deals and merchandise, all in an effort to outperform us in the product rankings to "1-up" us. As it turns out, you can't even pay for upvotes to beat Trade Hub; for a short time, they were ranked above us, but by the end of the day, they had fallen 1 rank behind us, and what seems to be upvotes have been docked or removed from their launch page. Now, we won't accuse what may or may not have occurred, but we can only speculate about what, according to Product Hunt's policy, merits a removal in upvotes, and creating multiple fake accounts to upvote is one of them. Anyhow, we ended strong with all our members rallying together and supporting us through the entire day and weeks leading up to it, allowing us to rep this #1 Fintech Product of the Week badge on our webpages.Thank you all! 

Trade Hub crowned #1 Fintech Product of the Week by Product Hunt(We think it would look better in a TH-teal)

Okay, now I'm sure you're all wondering, "Well, where's the app update?" but unfortunately we don't have a changelog to release with this post. But we can finally announce that a new (and much improved) fully interactive web app design is currently in its early stages. We're also in the process this week of interviewing about a dozen developers to find a few solid contributors to help us reach the milestones we have planned in our roadmap, and that take pride in providing a killer user experience through their work and talent. Although we can't disclose (as competitors like to steal the ideas we announce) everything new we'll be adding, you can certainly count on a lot of super cool features and tools that will benefit both newcomers and veteran investors. Some of us are on the edge of our seats, impatiently waiting for the design to be finished, while our dev team has already started revamping the whole platform by rewriting the app's code. We've set high expectations for this Web 2.0 design and functionality, and we hope it meets yours.

With Web 2.0, we expect an increase in new traders, which is great for our concept, as the more the better, as users will be able to more efficiently submit their trades and follow others. The new design also sets the stage for our brokerage integration and copy trading interface, something we've been talking about all year. The only downside Web 2.0 brings is the effect of our platform being freemium, which certainly isn't bad as we have always aimed to provide a quality user experience for non-subscribers. So what can free and paid members expect differently with the upcoming version? Early on, we tested a 15-minute delay in displaying incoming trades on the Trades page, which will be implemented for Beginner tier users. As for analysts or social trading influencers, the use of Discord webhooks to auto-share trades will be capped at a certain amount, which would be unlocked with the PRO tier at six bucks a month, among some other limited non-essential features. But the coolest and most appealing feature for analysts or top-tier traders is the way they can earn compensation for their trades when they provide them to be copied, or "mirror trading." We won't reveal the mechanics of how this will be carried out, but rest assured it will fit the needs of any type of analyst or top-ranked social trader, whether you're the head of a trading group or have just realized Trade Hub is the Twitter of social trading.

We'll most likely be releasing some teasers of the new design as it gets closer to being finished, and even though we're rewriting the app to an improved and more stable version, we won't be neglecting the current experience or progress of crypto support. We're excited about where we're going, and we hope your enthusiasm matches ours for being in on the ground floor. We'll most likely be rolling out OG status again, or some form of it, for those who have been riding with us since before we actually qualified as an interactive web app. All good things!

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