Crypto, Push Notifications, & More - BETA v1.2.16 Changelog

by rich • Oct 6, 2022 • 176
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Crypto and push notifications are here! We've rolled out early beta testing for the crypto version of our app and Discord bot. Traders can now submit their crypto trades using real-time market data from 12 different exchanges. Crypto stats will be reset after early beta concludes as we still have quite a bit to improve on and issues to look into. Please report any unexpected issues you may run into. Use the $help command and checkout the crypto section, but we strongly recommend checking out the full documentation.

Push notifications are finally enabled! You can receive instant notifications via your internet browser of trades from other traders you follow. To modify these, go to your Settings, under Account Management, click on the Notifications button. You can enable or disable the types of notifications you get from each user you follow.

We also plan on rolling out the new Trade Sharing feature on which we've been relentlessly working. It will allow you to share your trades to Discord & Twitter with full customization of how your messages and/or embeds look. Initially this will be carried out through webhooks, but we intend on implementing the ability to link your own Discord bot with the same capabilities. We'll also be releasing an update soon regarding this new feature along with exciting news about our new web 2.0 design.

Our launch on Product Hunt is coming soon and we'll need your support! If you would please create a free account on their website so when launch day comes you'll be ready! We'll make a blog on the day of our launch which will notify you as it did with this one, so you can't miss it! To learn more on what Product Hunt is and why we'll be using it to showcase our app you can refer to this post here. Appreciate you all!


App Updates

Last month we had some crucial unresponsive bot & website issues with unexpected downtimes, we're pleased to announce that we have officially fixed & improved the underlying issues as of about 3 weeks ago. We apologize for the inconvenience and frustration it may have caused you. If you still have any trades from that time period you need fixed or submitted, please reach out to us by email or on Discord.

All users will need to upload their profile pictures again, we have switched over to a CDN for storing all images.


Added Features


Default Trading Market 

You can change your default trading market to stocks or crypto. It is set to stocks by default until you change it.
If your default is set to stocks, you must use the .x syntax at the end of your crypto ticker or by specifying the ticker or pair using the / separator to trade crypto.
If your default is set to crypto, to trade stocks you will need to use the -s syntax at the end of your stock ticker. This is not needed when submitting an options trade.

Default Exchange

You can change your default cryptocurrency exchange to any of the 12 supported exchanges. It is set to Binance by default until you change it.
You can still submit trades from a different exchange than your default by specifying the exchange name after the price.

Exchange can be specified anywhere in notes

Default Pair

A trading pair is the currency you use to buy or sell a cryptocurrency with. It is set to USDT by default and can be changed.
You can still submit trades using any other pair by specifying it with your ticker. 

Default pair set to USDT, specified USD for DOGE trade

Crypto: Final Note 

If you're submitting a trade with your default market set to crypto, and the trade is on your default exchange and using your default pair, then you don't need to specify anything but the cryptocurrency and the price it's being traded at. To change your defaults, use the $defaults command. See the documentation to learn more.

Default market was set to crypto & AAPL-S was used to tell the bot stock trade
No .X syntax or /pair needed for LTC, it used default USDT
Default market was set to stocks & ETH.X was used to tell the bot crypto trade & used default USDT

Push notifications have been added. You can now receive instant notifications through your browser by allowing notifications for this website in your browser settings. They can be enabled, disabled, or modified in your Settings under the Account Management section. Trade notifications are for all events: open, average, partial/trim, and close. New followers and reputation notifications are available as well.

Indices and their options have been added and can now be traded, such as the SPX.

Can now make Discord & social media tags public on your dashboard through settings.


Changes & Fixes

For New Trades (trades submitted via the web app),

New Trade display now remembers your last selections such as long/short or daytrade/swing/etc. to provide maximum efficiency.

Added notice when the submitted price is too far off the current market price.

For dashboards

Recent trades on dashboards now show STC/BTC if they have been closed. These will be revamped to show expired or TP/SL hits eventually.

Combined total & closed trade stats

Dropdown bug fixed. When using the dropdown and not closing it before clicking on a trade, it would still show, interfering with Trade Insight's display.


When signing up with a Discord account with an unverified email, it now gives a notice that you can't sign up with an unverified email.

$rep command issues have been fixed, as well as the $rep $ command to rep everyone you follow. Will now inform you that the user doesn't have an account if you attempt to rep an unregistered user again.

Web embeds have been added for missing webpages, and now work the same for both long & short URLs.


On Our Side

Documentation for crypto, push notifications, and trade sharing features has been finished and added.

implemented a CDN that now stores all user profiles and any future images or videos.

Web embeds have been added for missing webpages, and now work the same for both long & short URLs.

Bot has been updated to the most recent Discord.JS version.

Added trhub.net to the Google Search Console


Final Notes

We're now offering advertising and promotion opportunities. Get your ad or promo pinged to 19,000 users/traders on Discord, recurring timed messages (no ping), added to message content on most bot commands, web ads, or banners, and more. Sponsors or donors can also get a shoutout right here in our blog posts. Inquiries should be directed to [email protected].

If you're not a subscribed PRO/PRO+ member, we'd like to remind you to please consider donating to our cause to help support the platform, its sustainability, and its future development work. We promise you that neat things are in the works, whether you're a trader or an analyst. We greatly appreciate any assistance you choose to provide, and please contact us if you would like a promo code for a percentage off or free month(s) for your contributions to be used whenever, with no expiration date.


    PayPal: [email protected] OR PayPal Donate
    CashApp: $TradeHub
    Coinbase: [email protected] - Can transfer any crypto & for free when doing coinbase-to-coinbase transfers.
    Crypto: Contact us if you'd like to donate a different coin/token [email protected]
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        Ripple (XRP): rw2ciyaNshpHe7bCHo4bRWq6pqqynnWKQg - Memo: 514910569
        USDT Addresses: 
             TRC20: TPfsBMDZTfkBQTcq1y1bhNshACjkFpaQnT
             ERC20: 0xd1d5B859f3BbB3671D77B4aD6130aB8AbA6cF2A9
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