Stat Reset is Here, What it Means and How to Export Your Trade Data

by rich • Jun 24, 2022 • 173
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First off we want to apologize for this notice so soon after the last one, and about the last update notice you received from the bot as the blog link button in bot's message wasn't working properly, but most of you were smart enough to click this 'Blog' button on the top toolbar. For those of you who didn't read the last update see https://nvstly.com/blog/News-Update-BETA-v0-14-056578. What we're sharing is very important and you all need to know about it. A lot of you might be frustrated right now with this last update, I know we are. "Why didn't things work as they did in testing?" is what I'm asking myself, and to be honest some issues we're just overlooked. We basically rewrote this whole app, and had tunnelvision regarding certain aspects. A lot of them have been fixed, but for you options trades, especially those who swing, are wondering why your open options trades keep expiring at the end of each day even though your expiration date is days, weeks, or months out. Well we rewrote the website, and how the bot interacts with it, but the way our bot logs and takes your trades is now obsolete, or outdated. We fixed a lot of bugs and issues due to this after the release, and instead of continuing to do so it's time we roll out the last piece of this revision.  So, now what?


TL;DR - Stat reset is coming within the next week. You need to download your trade data via spreadsheet or .csv if you want it- we'll also try to store everyone's data so if you didn't get it in time you can request it. Because this reset is happening a little sooner than we expected, the longest standing #1 issue of "Your price is too far off the current price" mainly for lower prices, will still be existing. But we're here to help with that until we figure out the permanent solution- so most importantly, you need to know about the $fixtrade command- please see below or refer to documentation or 'user manual'.


The Stat Reset

You read that right. It's finally happening, and soon- sooner than we expected even. Over the next week we'll be wrapping up some final touches and implementing the new trade structure we rewrote for the bot- or in english, the way the bot logs trades and stores the data. Why would we want to store data you ask? No we're not selling it, but storing certain data allows to create better trading statistics you will find on your dashboards iver the coming months. Some examples being the time you were in a trade for will allow us to calculate an average time span your trades are, or the dollar amount per share/contract we can use to calculate an average for minimum value gained, or what your minimum average loss is. Remember, this is minimum, as you already know we don't track position sizes or portfolio sizes for privacy and other various reasons- but it's not to say we would never offer users the option of this, as you would be able to get more accurate price averages when scaling in or averaging down your positions.


So what is the stat reset?

The stat wipes the slate clean. All your trades removed, and your trading stats. For better or worse.


Why is it happening?

Well short answer, because it's in beta. In the beginning we were just testing everything out, see what works, what didn't, and what needs improving, and more importantly the communities voice on we should move forward with certain features. One in particular being how we calculate gains/losses for trades that have been trimmed or partially closed- you all voted to calculate an average gain percentage based on all the trims and exit price, so we did. There was just so much we were trying to figure out, and now we feel in regards to how we log, track, and display trades we feel we now have it right.


What if there's an issue with one of my trades that didn't get logged or needs to be fixed, changed, or removed? The answer: $fixtrade

With this last release we rolled out the $fixtrade command. It lets you request anything & everything related to your trades- fixing, editing, opening, averaging, trim/partial, and closing. So anytime there's an operator (you) mistake such as invalid input formats, or an error with the bot, mostly being "Your trade is too far off... blah blah" or invalid ticker (IPO's take 2-3 days) you don't need to stress- we can fix it. There are some requirements for this though to avoid users abusing it for stat manipulation or rank cheating. The $fixtrade is a 3 step process, one of them asking you to provide "proof of trade" such as a screenshot from your brokerage, the bot's error/invalid message reply to your input message- or lack thereof. See our docs or user manual for more info.

We would greatly appreciate it that you hold off on the $fixtrade until the stat reset is done, as you will be able to edit any previous trade that wasn't accurately logged. Plus, your stats will be wiped even in a matter of days anyways. But we do understand those of you BETA flexers who want to screenshot their dashboards before the stat reset, and it's just not in our nature to turn anyone down.

Anyone caught abusing this feature to cherry pick your winning trades, manipulating screenshots, or whatever our system detects as suspicious and turns out to be bunk may have all their requested trades removed or be blacklisted from the feature. Our bot stores logs of everything, and sending nothing but winning trades will prompt our staff team to politely ask you for your brokerage's trade history.


Will there be another stat reset later?

We're highly confident there won't be. This stat reset has been delayed multiple times spanning over 3 or 4 months because we need to make sure it was right and not requiring to do it again. It's not fair for top ranked traders to start all over again.
Shout outs to top 5 traders: MrBlunts, Julieangelinvestor, sigcharts, Moneybags, and our very own Noob. Our AI Alerts bot came in 2nd, but it's an AI with our paramters and instructions, of course it trumps all of you! 🤣


What's next?

You didn't think this was it, did you? Besides the updates on existing features and improvements to existing features, there's still 3 (rather long) lists of features we want to implement, in order of priority. We have IMoRT currently working on the crypto trade tracking, so all you crypto traders can track your plays and flex your stats. We'll also be adding multi-leg options*, futures, and eventually forex.

But wait, there's more. Our end goal is automated copy trading, in the beginning it will be 1 or 2 clicks execution but down the road it will support full automation if you choose to- the latter requires an extensive time consuming & costly process, but our goals are big and motivation is hungry. The stepping stones to this functionality requires brokerage linking or connection, which will also offer you the option of automated trade tracking & share- such as auto your plays to Discord, Twitter, or StockTwits.
If another app with millions in funding you know where you read and heard it first, we've been talking and referring to it for 6 months. 😂

*For those of you sending signals/alerts, or who trade advanced options you may feel free to use the $fixtrade command to get those in so they reflect on your stats accurately. It would be put in as a single, but your 2nd/3rd leg would be mentioned in the notes.



OG Status & Badge

We're extremely apologetic to the issue with options, but by this time next week or sooner the stat reset will be here and hopefully a solution to the 'price too far off cmp' issue. We also want to start rewarding out some OG badges to you solid and active users, doesn't (currently) unlock any special perks but gives you bragging rights and a cool badge on your dashboard. These aren't given to just everyone who signed up before version 1.0, they are earned in one way or another- and with the recent annoyance we feel it's on the list of requirements and some of you have earned it. So by the time stat reset happens, anyone with 50 trades or more with a gain or loss more than 2% will be automatically awarded the badge. Anyone reading this right now who doesn't have 50 trades can reach out to us and claim the badge- you can email us at [email protected] or mention this blog post in our community & support Discord server.

You will not notice it right away because it uses the roles in our community server to assign badges, but once Top Trader and High Win Rate badges are functional you will be awarded the OG badge, if qualified or claimed. If you want it instantly you may join our server to receive the role then leave right after- the badge will stay.


How To Download Your Trade Data

You're trades and stats are store in a .csv for spreadsheet or even text file. On the top right corner of our page click on your username to bring up the dropdown menu, then click settings, at the very bottom you will see the Download Data button. Click this and download the file, if you have a spreadsheet editor you can open it with that or use Google Docs. You will be able to edit any previous trades that weren't logged accurately.

Here's the settings page, button is located at the bottom.

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